Robotics classrooms are some of the most exciting classrooms in the schools. Toolkit is proud to bring schools the very best Robotics Training Systems on the market for industry-relevant and fun learning.

Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) puts robotics engineers in its category for mechanical engineers. Projections show 9% job market growth, if not more, for the foreseeable future.

Major skills gaps, growing workforce shortages, and increased demand for safe and quality working conditions are only increasing the need and demand for robotics deployment in industry.

Skills Shortage

The need for robotics training at all levels of education is increasingly important. As the demand for robotics increases, and the deployment of robots grows in all sectors of industry, the skills gap grows only wider.

Industry needs well-trained individuals with skills in robotics, troubleshooting, programming, I/O, motor controls, sensors, and critical thinking skills.

Toolkit Robotics Solutions

Our Robotics + Automation training systems bring the exciting fields of industrial automation and robotics to students’ fingertips with real-world, industrially-relevant technologies. Toolkit is proud to offer industry-needed and demanded robot certifications.

We have some of the world’s best and wide-ranging industrial robots, collaborative robots, mobile robots, quadruped ‘dog’ robots, robots for competition, adaptive robot grippers and more!

It wouldn’t be a Toolkit Training System without best-in-class curriculum, digital solutions like simulation software and AR/VR Tools. Ask us today for a free robot consultation!


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  • Universal Robots Collaborative Robots

    Toolkit Technologies is proud to offer Universal Robots’ industry-leading collaborative robots to education and training institutions around the country.

    Empower your students with cutting-edge industrial skills training solutions using Universal Robots’ collaborative robots. Our hands-on training systems, featuring all-industrial technologies sourced from industry leaders like SMC, UR, Miller Electric, and others, immerse learners in real-world applications that prepare them for dynamic careers in today’s tech-driven workforce.

    Elevate your educational programs with our state-of-the-art robotics technology, fostering innovation and expertise in your students. Explore our range of training solutions now for comprehensive technical education solutions that drive future success.

    We are proud to offer robust curriculum, eLearning, on-site training, and custom training applications with every UR Robot.

    Let us know what robotics application you want to teach, and we’ll build it!

  • SMC Robot Training System RTS-200

    SMC is proud to bring this one-of-a-kind Robot Training Platform to schools for real world robot training!

    The RTS-200 training system provides participants with a hardware platform for performing hands-on development for robotic operations. The mobile platform includes various applications which can be quickly installed to provide advanced activities, expanding the learning objectives beyond simple pick and place functions. The design allows participants to advance from basic programming to integration of various technologies including electrical controls, pneumatics, controllers, artificial vision, sensors and more – all with simple drop-in training panels.

    Have multiple robots? The RTS-200 allows for multiple robot models and brands to be dropped in as well!

    SMC’s Partnership with Universal Robots allows students to get real-world certification on Universal Robots!

  • Universal Robot Suitcase Robot Training System

    Toolkit Technologies is proud to bring this one-of-a-kind Robot Training Platform to schools for real world robot training!

    The RTS-100 combines the modularity and industrial training capabilities of our RTS-200 Robot Training Cart with the advantages of a portable and compact, rugged suitcase form factor. This allows for easy and safe transport to remote training locations, satellite campuses, recruiting events and more. Additionally, the rugged and compact storage case allows for your robot training systems to be easily stored when not in use. Classrooms limited on space particularly enjoy the compact footprint of the RTS-100.

    Toolkit’s Portable Robot Training System includes the controller, workpieces, training activities, curriculum, and all required components for successful robotics training. Foam inserts allow for safe and organized storage for all components and workpieces.

    The RTS-100 is a great choice for providing industrial training activities around the Universal Robot UR3e, while giving you the flexibility and redeployment advantages of a mobile and portable training system.  Reach out for alternative robot options such as Mecademic, uFactory, and more!

  • Hirebotics Robotic Welding System

    We are proud to represent the #1 robotic welder on the market today in terms of ease-of-use and approachability. Learn why companies across the country are adopting this collaborative robot welding cart in record numbers.

    The challenge with implementing robotic welding systems is that rarely can you find expertise in both welding AND robotics. This industrial cobot welding system from Toolkit Technologies and Hirebotics alleviates all hurdles with it’s turn-key, all-in-one system that delivers high quality precision and accuracy, easy-to-use and approachable user interface, and best-in-class results.

    Start training the future generation of welders on automation robot welding training carts.

    Available with UR10e or UR20 robots.

    Available as a Cobot Welder or as a Cobot Plasma Cutter.

  • ABB Collaborative Robot 3D Printing

    Have you ever wanted to print BIGGER with your classroom 3D printer? Or have you wanted to explore the capabilities of your industrial and collaborative robots?

    We are proud to introduce the MDAC1 3D Printing System for Education, the first of its kind classroom robotic 3D printer!

    The Collaborative Robot 3D Printing system features a GoFa CRB 15000 cobot and pioneering FDM 3D printing technology from Massive Dimension for unparalleled capabilities and excitement.

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  • ABB Cobot FlexTrainer STEM Education Cell

    Go Faster! Go Farther! Go Further! Go Train on ABB’s new Collaborative Robot, GoFa CRB 15000!

    We are thrilled to bring ABB’s newest collaborative robot training system – the ABB Cobot FlexTrainer with ABB’s newest collaborative robot, the GoFa, to education.

    The mobile training platform features a sleek design and various industry training applications. Paired beautifully via ABB RobotStudio, students can get hands-on training and virtual/digital solutions with AR/VR.

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  • Omron Mobile Robot

    The Omron LD Mobile Robot is a self-navigating Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) designed for dynamically moving material in challenging environments that may include confined passageways as well as dynamic and peopled locations. Unlike traditional autonomously guided vehicles (AGVs), Omron Mobile Robot requires no facility modifications, such as floor magnets or navigational beacons, saving users deployment costs. 


  • ABB Fenceless FlexTrainer Robot Training System

    The new ABB Fenceless FlexTrainer Cart was designed specifically for education. To bring students face-to-face with one of industry’s leading robots.
    The hands-on training cart utilizes ABB’s IRB 1200 or IRB 1100 industrial robots for practical, industry-driven skills training. The fenceless collaborative design allows open site-lines to the robot, maintaining safety with an ABB safety sensor located at the bottom of the cell.
    Now Certified and Authenticated by
    Other features of the FlexTrainer include:

    – ABB STEM Education Activity Tabletop (removable)

    – Electric Gripper EoAT

    – ABB 3D Printed STEM Education Activity Kit for hands-on training activities

    – SMC Linear conveyor system

    – HMI

    – Integrated vision

    – SMART Certification and Curriculum for STEM and Robotics

    – Large casters for easy transportation

    – Fits through a standard door


  • Robotized Assembly System

    SMC’s Robotized Assembly Training System, the RAS-400, allows learners to get a real-world look at fully automated assembly environments featuring your choice of industrial robot(s).

    This modular robotized assembly system consists of 4 different industrial robot stations forming a flexible automation cell. The process includes an entire series of

    1. Feeding
    2. Material handling
    3. Assembly verification
    4. Loading operations

    All operations are carried out using components from different technologies (pneumatics, vacuum, sensors, etc.) that students will have to understand and apply.  The primary training focus of this training system is industrial robotics, including collaborative robots.


  • CTE + Workforce eLearning

    Toolkit is proud to partner with Valor, 180 Skills, and SMC to bring you the most complete, thorough, and comprehensive eLearning solution for Career and Technical Education. An AWARD-WINNING Learning System for CTE, Workforce Development, and Industry Training.

    Web-based eLearning content in over 900 courses – ranging from Career and Technical Education skills, Workforce Development training, Soft Skills development, and more!

    Our new eLearning is the most comprehensive skills-based training program out there for real-world skills, certifications, and job-ready outcomes.

    Over 600 Technical Skills Courses!

    Over 200 Employability and Soft Skills Courses!

    Over 80 Quality + Compliance Skills Courses!


  • SMC eLearning

    SMC eLEARNING-200 is a flexible, web-based learning platform for skills-based, industry-driven learning to take place anywhere, anytime there is the motivation to learn!

    Users can develop skills and theoretical knowledge around Automation and Technical topics such as Robotics, PLCs, Electrical, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Motors, Sensors and More.




  • SMCTwin-400 Digital Twin Software

    We are thrilled to bring the first Digital Twin training software to schools across the globe with SMC’s revolutionary Digital Twin-400 software.

    SMCTwin-400 is an online, one-for-one emulation platform where students will be able to develop and control digital twin models. All models operate and behave in the exact manner in which they would in the real world, giving students a never-before-seen lens to view automation and industry.

    This true Industry 4.0 software provides students with the ability to access virtual replicas of real SMC training equipment and industrial components, allowing them to safely experience industrial technologies and processes, monitor all of the system’s electrical and pneumatic values, program and create various PLC/HMI programs, and witness the results in real time!