Additive Manufacturing

Fueled by innovations in material and manufacturing technologies, Additive Manufacturing is experiencing rapid growth globally. All sectors and industries stand to benefit from the advantage of 3D printing – whether it be from rapid prototyping to product refinement, or creating complex parts previously unimaginable or impossible from traditional manufacturing processes, 3D printing is an exciting field destined for continued growth.

TOOLKIT is proud to be your source for tabletop polymer, FDM, resin, metal, and even large-format concrete 3D printers for construction.

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  • Robotic Concrete 3D Printing

    3D print a house! Or a table, bench, or chair! Or perhaps a walking bridge or staircase! Introducing large-scale concrete 3d printing from TOOLKIT!

    Toolkit is proud to be the exclusive education provider of large-scale Concrete 3D Printing for Training and Research. In partnership with the industrial leader and pioneer in the field, XtreeE®, we are thrilled to bring high schools, career centers, technical colleges and universities one of the most exciting new technologies for construction, automation and robotics.

    Our system utilizes a high-precision industrial robot from ABB, equipped with state-of-the-art Concrete 3D Printing Technology, intuitive Control & Supervision Software, and Train-the-Trainer professional development.

  • PrintLab Certification Course

    The course is the ideal starting point for teachers that are newer to 3D printing, but intermediate and advanced users are also encouraged to participate to learn new classroom tips!

    Package With These 3D Printers:
  • Creality CR-5 Pro 3D Printer – High-Temp Version

    The Creality CR-5 Pro High-temp Version is a fully enclosed desktop FDM 3D printer that offers a pretty large build volume of 300 x 225 x 380 mm. It comes already assembled and works as a plug-n-play device.
    This classroom-friendly printer features industrial accuracy and reliability that go hand in hand with affordability, letting you produce strong millimeter-precise outputs with ease. Its modular construction along with a sleek design and a fully enclosed frame make for a safe and smooth printing experience. The machine has been equipped with a brass nozzle for optimized torque, an upgraded cooling system, a reliable power supply, and a sturdy z-axis system that ensures precision and stability. Moreover, the printer is equipped with a powerful motherboard chipset that guarantees silent performance.