Toolkit is proud to bring the very best eLearning solutions for CTE and workforce training. eLearning can be a powerful tool for Career and Technical Education classrooms, and Toolkit is here to make your training programs even more effective.

Whether it is to be used as a stand-alone “training system” or as a complement to hands-on training systems, eLearning has the ability to engage and immerse students in totally unique and effective ways.

We don’t believe eLearning has the ability to entirely replace physical, hands-on skills development, but we do believe that is has an important role in captivating student interest/attention, and providing holistic training experiences to students.

Toolkit has a wide array of eLearning training solutions for CTE ranging from Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing, skills trades, HVAC, Electrical, Robotics, and More.


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  • CTE + Workforce eLearning

    Toolkit is proud to partner with Valor, 180 Skills, and SMC to bring you the most complete, thorough, and comprehensive eLearning solution for Career and Technical Education. An AWARD-WINNING Learning System for CTE, Workforce Development, and Industry Training.

    Web-based eLearning content in over 900 courses – ranging from Career and Technical Education skills, Workforce Development training, Soft Skills development, and more!

    Our new eLearning is the most comprehensive skills-based training program out there for real-world skills, certifications, and job-ready outcomes.

    Over 600 Technical Skills Courses!

    Over 200 Employability and Soft Skills Courses!

    Over 80 Quality + Compliance Skills Courses!


  • SMC eLearning

    SMC eLEARNING-200 is a flexible, web-based learning platform for skills-based, industry-driven learning to take place anywhere, anytime there is the motivation to learn!

    Users can develop skills and theoretical knowledge around Automation and Technical topics such as Robotics, PLCs, Electrical, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Motors, Sensors and More.




  • Automation Training Simulator – autoSIM

    The autoSIM-200 simulation software is our all-encompassing digital software from SMC for creating, simulating, and visualizing Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Control Circuits.

    With autoSIM-200, it is possible to carry out dynamic, multi-color simulations using pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electrical and electronic circuits. A Library stocked with Industrial Component are displayed by means of drop-down menus, showing individual standardized symbols, including conventional and proportional pneumatic and hydraulic valves.

    autoSIM-200 can be used to create Grafcet diagrams, Ladder, Logigramme (logic gates) and function blocks with structured text. By running the simulation, it is possible to monitor and control the application step by step.

    autoSIM 2D provides students with practical lab activities and proposed circuit simulations for SMC Training Systems.

    autoSIM 3D delivers students the 3D virtual models of SMC mechatronics training systems for programming, controlling, and monitoring automated processes.


  • Management Execution Software (MES)

    The flagship Management Execution System software from SMC brings Industry 4.0 technology and digital software to students’ fingertips.

    This online and connected system gives real-time feedback and data from the physical system, allowing students to learn crucial Industry 4.0 technologies and concepts in a project-based, real-world, tangible way.

    Users are able to control and manage the system, store and monitor all of the data regarding the manufacturing process, and gather valuable information pertaining to their orders. It is structured into four blocks: Management, Movements, Supervision and Administration.

    General features:

    1. Access via Internet/LAN
    2. Multi-Platform
    3. Multi-User / Several roles
  • SMCTwin-400 Digital Twin Software

    We are thrilled to bring the first Digital Twin training software to schools across the globe with SMC’s revolutionary Digital Twin-400 software.

    SMCTwin-400 is an online, one-for-one emulation platform where students will be able to develop and control digital twin models. All models operate and behave in the exact manner in which they would in the real world, giving students a never-before-seen lens to view automation and industry.

    This true Industry 4.0 software provides students with the ability to access virtual replicas of real SMC training equipment and industrial components, allowing them to safely experience industrial technologies and processes, monitor all of the system’s electrical and pneumatic values, program and create various PLC/HMI programs, and witness the results in real time!

  • Lobaki VR Training Solutions for Workforce Development

    TOOLKIT is proud to be the exclusive EDU Partner for Lobaki, bringing robust VR Training Solutions to Workforce Development and CTE training programs.

    Lobaki’s Virtual Reality Training Environments brings the future of training to your organization and/or school with hands-on simulations that equip learners with the essential skills needed for various careers. Through self-paced, student-led learning environments, students attain real-world, industry-needed skills in Automotive, Aviation, Health, Construction, Manufacturing, and Robotics careers.

    Beyond technical education pathways and environments, our workforce VR solutions include foundational and soft skills courses, as well as K-12 academic courses in Science, Math, Geometry, Social Studies and more.


  • SkillMill Interactive eLearning

    TOOLKIT is proud to be the exclusive EDU Partner for SkillMill Digital Trades Learning with AR/VR and Simulation Training Environments.

    Train students on HVAC, Electrical, Commercial HVAC, Plumbing, Solar, and Construction on one, all encompassing platform! Video-based, instructor-led, student-paced eLearning for the Skilled Trades. Micro-course content mixed with interactive simulations and real-world practice environments provide students with life-like training and job-ready skills.

    Use SkillMill as a stand-alone resource, or combine with TOOLKIT Hands-On Training Systems for faster, better, and more realistic training.

  • Virtual Training Simulator VTS-200

    The Virtual Training Simulator from Toolkit is a one-of-a-kind training platform for mobile devices that brings SMC’s hands-on training systems to your fingertips for virtual, hands-on training to take place any time, any where!

    The SMC Training Systems are made in a one-for-one scale in digital format where students can go through every training exercise and activity, including troubleshooting, in a virtual environment. Get hand-held guidance in a step-by-step manner for each exercise of the physical system, including use of the built-in digital multimeter.

    Students can view, analyze and understand system technologies on a component-level as well as a system level. Added excitement is provided through Virtual Reality where students can view and perform exercises in VR to scale!

  • Remote Access and Training Box

    TOOLKIT’s comprehensive training solution for remotely accessed and virtual training brings your classroom/lab training equipment directly into the homes of students, anytime/anywhere around the world. The RAB-400 allows you to connect, control and visualize your educational equipment remotely for training that fits ALL needs. 

     The RAB-400 system provides students with secure access to different devices with ethernet communication of a didactic system so that they can control or visualize them from anywhere in real time. For this purpose, it includes a camera to connect to the network and visualize the machine during its use. 

    Easy and simple configuration with the software assistant RAB-400 so that the student can be able to work from anywhere while the instructor supervises the operation from the lab.

  • Fire Extinguisher Training Simulator (VR)

    Discover our VR Training Simulator for Fire Safety, Proper Procedures and Protocols, and How to Use a Fire Extinguisher.

    Train future workforce professionals, students, and employees what do in case of a fire.

    Learn and Test students on proper procedures in the workplace. Set the bar high for industrial safety through hands-on and practical practice.

  • ELECTUDE Automotive Essentials

    ELECTUDE’s Automotive Essentials is a virtual world for students to learn and practice automotive troubleshooting skills using the “Engine Diagnostic Trainer” on realistic engines using a variety of virtual diagnostic tools. Students learn the basics and the advanced aspects of automotive diagnostics in an entirely virtual environment. It’s the most comprehensive and effective automotive e-learning solution currently available, and we always recommend pairing with ConsuLab Automotive Training Systems for complete, holistic learning.

    Designed to match the visual and kinesthetic learning styles of most automotive students, ELECTUDE’s Automotive Essentials will give learners a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of automotive technology.

    It has been designed to cover all the areas of NATEF, IMI, City & Guilds, Lernfelder, TESDA, Grado Superior and other national qualification standards.

    1. Over 1000 lessons & quizzes
    2. Includes LMS
    3. Includes the Simulator
    4. Updated weekly
    5. Mobile device access
    6. 99.9% uptime
    7. Over 35 languages


  • ELECTUDE Courseware for Ohm’s Law Trainer

    The perfect eLearning complement to Consulab’s Ohm’s Law & DC Circuit Trainer, ELECTUDE’s courseware consists of 35 student-led learning modules and over 19.5 hours of instruction with practical set-up and the associated eLearning.

    Students learn basic electric and electronic theory with a combination of Electude lessons, ConsuLab’s Ohm’s Law training system, and follow-up activities. The training aid includes a multimeter, as well as jumper wires to allow students to build circuits for various components, learn series and parallel circuit construction and complete measurements and diagnosis.

    The practical set-up contains a multimeter and all necessary components that can be connected to each other with the help of the accompanying wiring set, and is used to teach participants the most important basic concepts from electrical engineering, including: Ohm’s law, using the multimeter, building circuits and measuring circuits/components.

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