The need for skilled, qualified, and capable manufacturing workers across the globe, especially here in the US, is one that will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

Toolkit Technologies is focused on bringing the needed technologies, curriculum, and digital solutions to schools across the country that will train the next generation of manufacturing professionals and leaders.

Our manufacturing training solutions range from integrated mechatronics systems to electrical, sensors, mechanical, fluid power, robotics and more.

Our goal is clear and consistent: to train the future leaders of industry on the leading technologies from industry.

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  • SMC Smart Innovative Factory Training System

    Take a look at the most remarkable, fully-connected Industry 4.0 Training Platform on the market for hands-on training, exploration, and research in advanced manufacturing industries: SMC’s SIF-400.

    SMC’s Industry 4.0 Smart Innovative Factory reproduces an industrial, cyber-physical smart factory – in both production applications and supply chain applications – for a school to provide real-world advanced manufacturing training. The training system is a modular design comprised of 14 interconnected stations for hands-on training and research of connected systems, operational data and data analytics, IIoT, predictive and preventative maintenance, management execution software (MES), inventory tracking and control, cybersecurity, and more.

    This system is aligned with SMC’s Industrial Certification Pathway for Industry 4.0.

  • SMC Mechatronics + Industry 4.0 Learning System (M&I-400)

    The newest training system for developing skills in both Mechatronics and Industry 4.0 technologies. 

    SMC’s M&I-400 is a learning system designed for training on industrial technologies in mechatronics and industry 4.0, while being incredibly attractive and visually appealing. The industrial system makes it easy for students to attain industry’s most needed skills through exciting and practical activities, while also attracting students to learn these skills and technologies.

    Projects and activities can be carried out that motivate students to explore Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies while also learning important fundamental concepts related to Mechatronics.

    SMC’s M&I-400 emulates a highly automated factory, where different types of products are produced, packed and shipped. The M&I-400 training system makes it possible to work on advanced and connected manufacturing concepts.

    This system is aligned with SMC’s Industrial Certification Pathway for Industry 4.0.

  • Compact Industry 4.0 Fundamentals Training System

    Training equipment in mechatronics with Industry 4.0 technologies.

    Develop the skills most in demand for 4.0 technologies and be prepared for the new challenges presented by Industry 4.0.

    The FAS-200 SE I4.0 system offers professional training according to the industrial reality, simulating a real assembly process and including different technologies from Industry 4.0. This system consists of an automated flexible assembly cell with five different stages:  Assembly, Handling, Quality Inspection, Transfer, and Warehouse and Shipment.

  • SMC Flexible Manufacturing System – Industry 4.0

    The best just got better with this incredible training from SMC! SMC’s FMS-200 Special Edition Industry 4.0 takes the most popular industrial advanced mechatronics training system on the market for mechatronics and industrial troubleshooting training and combines it with advanced Industry 4.0 technologies for real-world, skills-driven training.

    The SMC Flexible Manufacturing System is used by countless companies and schools across the globe for real industry training.

  • SMC Compact Automation Training System (Automate-200)

    SMC’s exciting compact training system for Automation and Mechatronics, AUTOMATE-200, is the perfect training aid for students in advanced manufacturing classrooms for hands-on skills in PLC Programming, Sensors, Pneumatics, Troubleshooting, and More! Developed in partnership with Intel for training in the semiconductor industry, featuring all industrial SMC Components.

  • SMC Flexible Assembly System FAS-200

    SMC’s FAS-200 Flexible Assembly System is a tried-and-true industrial training system for automation, advanced manufacturing, industrial maintenance, and industrial technology students. Featuring all industrial components and technologies from industry leading manufacturers, the FAS-200 exposes students to industry’s most common technologies with hands-on skills development in pneumatics, hydraulics, PLCs, robotics, troubleshooting, and more!

    Customize your modular training system with your choice of Stations, PLCs, Robots, and More!

  • Highly Automated Training System HAS-200

    Train your students with the same Industry 4.0 training system used by companies like Intel and Boeing for their workforce training!

    The HAS-200 SE i4o brings SMC’s industry leading technologies into a modular, customizable smart factory for education with training options in PLC programming, HMI programming, Management Execution Systems software, interconnected systems, smart devices, robotics, and more.

  • SMC Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Training System

    Take your automation training to the next level with SMC’s Hands-on PLC Training System. With a mobile hard-shell suitcase, this versatile and expandable solution provides the perfect environment to learn about programmable controllers, digital I/O, analog I/O and human machine interfaces (HMIs).

    Plus, with two external connection blocks, you can connect any external I/O devices directly to the controller. Get the most out of your training today with SMC’s PLC Training System!



  • SMC Suitcase Conveyor Training Application

    With the SMC PLC Training Applications, students can apply their programming, troubleshooting, and automation skills with real-world, industry-applicable training scenarios.

    The Suitcase Conveyor Application allows students to connect the mobile trainer to an external PLC or the SMC PLC Training System (PCT-200) for expanded training opportunities and skills-development.

    The conveyor and integrated sensors allow for students to program the PLC to sort and distribute workpieces and parts in an engaging and project-based learning approach.



  • SMC Industrial Controls Training System

    Equip your students with the skills they need to succeed with the SMC Industrial Controls Trainer (ICT-200). Our flexible platform allows for hands-on experiments in wiring and troubleshooting of control circuits, giving students access to devices that enable them to connect and wire all circuit components directly.

    With our system, students can operate, install, design, wire and troubleshoot (DC, AC) electric motor control circuits, helping them stay ahead in the competitive industrial control field.

    A mobile suitcase option is available.

  • SMC Material Handling Training Systems

    The MAP-200s consist of a series of individual tabletop mechatronics training systems that carry out a specific and different material handling task commonly seen in industrial settings.

    Robust, Rugged, and Versatile, these tabletop hands-on training systems are designed to teach students a wide array of industrial automation – Pneumatics, Electrical, Industrial Safety and Automation Processes, PLC Programming, Sensors, and Troubleshooting!

    MAP-201: Body Supply Part Feeder + Detector/Ejector
    MAP-202: Vacuum-Held Handling Device with Two Shafts
    MAP-203: Vertical Revolving Handling Device with Internal Gripper of Bearing
    MAP-204: Horizontal Rotolinear Handling Device with External Gripper of Shaft
    MAP-205: Complete Mini-Cell Assembly
  • SMC Robot Training System RTS-200

    SMC is proud to bring this one-of-a-kind Robot Training Platform to schools for real world robot training!

    The RTS-200 training system provides participants with a hardware platform for performing hands-on development for robotic operations. The mobile platform includes various applications which can be quickly installed to provide advanced activities, expanding the learning objectives beyond simple pick and place functions. The design allows participants to advance from basic programming to integration of various technologies including electrical controls, pneumatics, controllers, artificial vision, sensors and more – all with simple drop-in training panels.

    Have multiple robots? The RTS-200 allows for multiple robot models and brands to be dropped in as well!

    SMC’s Partnership with Universal Robots allows students to get real-world certification on Universal Robots!