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Students learn in different ways, and their learning environments should cater to the various learning experiences that are most effective for their unique needs.

Collaborative work environments whereby students learn from groups of peers is highly effective for some, while others require direct one-on-one instructor-student time. Other learners need peer-to-peer learning environments but in a smaller setting of just one or two. And finally some learners require a mixed variety of learning environments.

Toolkit’s classroom furniture offering brings highly flexible and modular furniture, seating, and storage solutions to schools looking to provide the very best classroom learning environment to each and every single student.

Tailored to each school and each students’ needs, Toolkit’s Classroom Furniture hopes to bring equitable learning environments that foster student engagement and learning in all scenarios.


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  • Flip-Top Marker Board Table

    Quick and Ergonomic Flip-Top Tables with Marker Board tops provide flexibility and function to various classroom learning environments.

    Designed to be used in various settings, these tables are popular for Business and Entrepreneurship classrooms, as well as collaborative and flexible work spaces.


  • ULTIMA Shop Stools

    Unbeatable in quality, the ULTIMA Stool has proven itself time and time again in tough circumstances and can honestly be described as ‘overbuilt’ for the classroom!

    Its heavy duty, all-welded construction and shatter-proof seat gives you the rugged endurance you deserve whether in industrial makerspace and fab labs, industrial woodshop classrooms, CTE classrooms, art classrooms, or even dining halls.

    Available in different colors, different seat materials, and heights.

  • Rave Chairs

    The Rave Chair is the perfect classroom seating choice. It combines function with durability and beauty to meet any and all classroom needs.

    The position of ultimate comfort while sitting is uniquely different for each and every student. With a pleasing design, flexible backrest and lumbar curvature, the ergonomic design of the RAVE chair has addressed this challenge through providing four different seating positions; Forward-facing, Rear-facing or by sitting over the left or right side of the chair. This freedom of posture allows your students to remain in a healthy and comfortable seated position throughout the day.


  • Maple Slat Bench

    The maple slant bench is the perfect classroom or lounge area addition for schools looking to add warmth, comfort, and function.

    Available in various metal frame colors and sizes: 48″, 60″, 72″, and 96″

  • Jive Stools

    The Jive Balance Stool was made for the adaptive learning environment. Ideal for individual or group learning, this self-balancing stool promotes movement without leaving the seat. A healthy classroom is designed to allow for healthy sitting habits and mobility.

    Quickly change the environment of the classroom with these fun, easy-to-move stools.

    Perfect for flexible learning spaces, collaborative meeting spaces, project-based classrooms, and more!

    Available in 12″, 15″, 18″, or 21″ stools with color highlights!