Plumbing careers are some of the most in-demand jobs today. With exceptional pay and ever-changing technologies, plumbing offers an exciting career with high growth opportunities.

Learn more about how Toolkit Technologies’ plumbing training solutions can help your program, and help your students master the needed industry skills of the plumbing industry.

From plumbing installation to maintenance, Toolkit’s plumbing training solutions are provided in both physical and digital training formats for student engagement and real-world skills development.


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  • Lobaki VR Training Solutions for Workforce Development

    TOOLKIT is proud to be the exclusive EDU Partner for Lobaki, bringing robust VR Training Solutions to Workforce Development and CTE training programs.

    Lobaki’s Virtual Reality Training Environments brings the future of training to your organization and/or school with hands-on simulations that equip learners with the essential skills needed for various careers. Through self-paced, student-led learning environments, students attain real-world, industry-needed skills in Automotive, Aviation, Health, Construction, Manufacturing, and Robotics careers.

    Beyond technical education pathways and environments, our workforce VR solutions include foundational and soft skills courses, as well as K-12 academic courses in Science, Math, Geometry, Social Studies and more.


  • SkillMill Interactive eLearning

    TOOLKIT is proud to be the exclusive EDU Partner for SkillMill Digital Trades Learning with AR/VR and Simulation Training Environments.

    Train students on HVAC, Electrical, Commercial HVAC, Plumbing, Solar, and Construction on one, all encompassing platform! Video-based, instructor-led, student-paced eLearning for the Skilled Trades. Micro-course content mixed with interactive simulations and real-world practice environments provide students with life-like training and job-ready skills.

    Use SkillMill as a stand-alone resource, or combine with TOOLKIT Hands-On Training Systems for faster, better, and more realistic training.

  • Residential Plumbing Training System Platform

    TOOLKIT’s Plumbing Trainers PLMB-200 Training System Platforms provide participants with the necessary hardware and components for installation, connection, and maintenance of various residential plumbing fixtures and devices.

    This system gives access to onboard components simulating real world installations commonly seen in industrial plumbing environments. The PLMB-200 Series includes 3 different units which can be used individually or connected together for whole house connectivity.

    The Mobile PLMB-Testing system provides a mobile reservoir, pump, and drain tank for testing installations and connections.

  • Single Residential Plumbing Training Systems

    TOOLKIT’s Plumbing Trainers PLMB-100 Series Training systems provides participants with the hardware for installation, and connection of individual residential plumbing fixtures and devices in a compact and simple format. This system gives access to onboard fixtures and framing allowing real world installation activities for students to learn real industry skills in a highly accessible and approachable manner.