Model #PLMB-100

Single Residential Plumbing Training Systems

TOOLKIT’s Plumbing Trainers PLMB-100 Series Training systems provides participants with the hardware for installation, and connection of individual residential plumbing fixtures and devices in a compact and simple format. This system gives access to onboard fixtures and framing allowing real world installation activities for students to learn real industry skills in a highly accessible and approachable manner.

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Plumbing Installation Focus

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Each unit can be utilized with PVC, CPVC, PEX, and Copper. The elevated floor allows for the systems to be connected together to experiment with multi-fixture systems, water supply and DWV connections.

The PLMB-100 Series Training system provides participants with hardware allowing for installation, and connection of individual residential plumbing fixtures and devices. This system gives access to onboard fixtures and framing allowing real world installation activities. The 100 series includes multiple units with each one covering a specific installation as listed below.

PLMB-101: Toilet Installation Training System

PLMB-102: Lavatory Installation Training System

PLMB-103: Kitchen Sink Installation Training System

PLMB-104: Shower Installation Training System

PLMB-105: Water Heater Installation System

PLMB-110: Water Distributor and Connection Training System

PLMB-111: Drain, Waste and Vent Piping Connection Training System

Topic Coverage:

  •  Plumbing Drawings
  •  Piping Types and Sizing
  •  Trunk Line and Branch Supplies
  •  Drain Waste and Vent Systems
  •  Air Chambers for Shock Absorption
  •  Vanity Sink Fixture Installation
  •  Kitchen Sink Fixture Installation
  •  Toilet Fixture Installation
  •  Tub and Shower Fixture Installation
  •  Pressure Testing

Learning Topics

  • Construction
  • Plumbing

Grade/Skill Level

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College
  • University

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Teach National Electric Code (NEC) Safety Standards.

  1. Becoming an Electrician
  2. Fundamentals of Electrical Concepts
  3. Electrical Panels: Components and Safety
  4. Electrical Safety
  5. Introduction to Electrical Circuits
  6. Ampacity and Wire Sizing
  7. Lock-Out / Tag-Out
  8. How to Use a Multimeter
  9. Math for Electricians
  10. Reading Schematics and Drawings
  11. EMT Conduit Bending
  12. Building DC Circuits
  13. Building DC Combination Circuits
  14. Troubleshooting Basic Circuits
  15. AC Motor Lab
  16. Electrical Installation
  17. EMT Installation: Boxes and Conduit
  18. Diagnosing Circuits: Lighting and Receptacles
  19. Diagnosing Circuits: 3-Way Lighting
  20. Electrically Safe to Work Circuits
  21. More!



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