We firmly believe that a student’s learning environment directly impacts the student’s learning outcomes. There are many variables at play that affect the learning environment, but none perhaps as obvious as the classroom’s furniture and seating.

Toolkit Technologies is proud to offer consultation in furniture/seating design and layout when it comes to school learning environments and CTE classrooms, including makerspaces, Fab Labs, Culinary Labs and more!

Our furniture is built-to-last and made for learning.


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  • The MV22 Tool Chest

    Toolkit’s MV22 is the compact mobile workstation that is highly customizable and purpose-built for function in Career and Technical Education classrooms.

    Can be used as project material storage and work units, tool storage, and/or highly flexible industrial classroom units.

    All-welded steel construction and high quality materials provides schools with the peace of mind knowing the MV22 is built to last.

  • The MV55 WorkStation

    Toolkit’s MV55 is the mobile workstation you didn’t know you needed.

    The workhorse storage and work station that is perfect for CTE classrooms and labs where organization, storage, cleanliness, and work surfaces are paramount – Robotics Labs, Electrical Labs, HVAC Labs, Plumbing Labs, Construction Labs, Manufacturing and Woodshop Labs, etc.

    Heavy-Duty Casters, Extra-Large Butcher Block Surface for tool mounting and shop vacs, locking-storage, and more.

  • The PROJECT Shop Table

    Toolkit’s PROJECT Shop Tables are best-in-class, highly functional tables designed for various Shop Class needs, Engineering classrooms, STEM, Maker Space, Electrical, Plumbing, and CTE classrooms where hands-on activities dictate lab design.

    The extra large maple butcher block top is not only sanitary but functional for carpentry and projects where counter space is needed. The 7″ cantilevered overhang allows students to sit and gather comfortably on all sides, while the powder-coated steel open-shelf allows for storage of materials and projects without the opportunity for “hidden” garbage to collect over time.

    Heavy duty, locking casters allow for flexible learning environments and easy mobility.

    The PROJECT Shop Table is made to order and size specifications, with all-welded steel framing and choice of finishes.

  • The MAKE Work Table

    Toolkit’s MAKE Work Tables highly functional, highly versatile tables designed for various hands-on activities or classroom use. Ideal for CTE classrooms and labs where rugged and durable worksurfaces are needed, the MAKE Work Table provides ample counter space and complete flexibility to fit any student activity.

    Commonly used in industrial CTE lab environments and electrical labs, the MAKE Work Table is highly functional whether in culinary labs, maker spaces, robotics labs, PLC classrooms, computer labs, and more!

    Custom-designed and made-to-order, the MAKE Work Table comes in any size, dimension, material, and finish to fit classrooms’ exact specifications.

    All-welded steel construction and quality craftsmanship mean schools get the reassurance knowing their CTE classrooms can withstand the rigors of both industry and education.


  • The CULINARY Demo Table

    Toolkit’s CULINARY Demo Table is the industrial-quality culinary table you’ve been looking for!

    Featuring all-welded steel construction and quality craftsmanship, the CULINARY Demo Table is built to last and be used for years to come. Choice of Food-Safe Stainless Steel or Butcher Block Surfaces.

    Highly customizable and purpose-built for function, the CULINARY Demo Table is the perfect training solution for culinary labs, family consumer science classrooms, and kitchen demo areas.

    Angled mirrors, prep sinks, storage drawers and cabinets, built-in electrical, concealed “magic” prep areas, and heavy duty casters make this culinary demo table the chef’s dream prep/demo station.


  • Flip-Top Marker Board Table

    Quick and Ergonomic Flip-Top Tables with Marker Board tops provide flexibility and function to various classroom learning environments.

    Designed to be used in various settings, these tables are popular for Business and Entrepreneurship classrooms, as well as collaborative and flexible work spaces.


  • ULTIMA Shop Stools

    Unbeatable in quality, the ULTIMA Stool has proven itself time and time again in tough circumstances and can honestly be described as ‘overbuilt’ for the classroom!

    Its heavy duty, all-welded construction and shatter-proof seat gives you the rugged endurance you deserve whether in industrial makerspace and fab labs, industrial woodshop classrooms, CTE classrooms, art classrooms, or even dining halls.

    Available in different colors, different seat materials, and heights.

  • Rave Chairs

    The Rave Chair is the perfect classroom seating choice. It combines function with durability and beauty to meet any and all classroom needs.

    The position of ultimate comfort while sitting is uniquely different for each and every student. With a pleasing design, flexible backrest and lumbar curvature, the ergonomic design of the RAVE chair has addressed this challenge through providing four different seating positions; Forward-facing, Rear-facing or by sitting over the left or right side of the chair. This freedom of posture allows your students to remain in a healthy and comfortable seated position throughout the day.


  • Maple Slat Bench

    The maple slant bench is the perfect classroom or lounge area addition for schools looking to add warmth, comfort, and function.

    Available in various metal frame colors and sizes: 48″, 60″, 72″, and 96″

  • Jive Stools

    The Jive Balance Stool was made for the adaptive learning environment. Ideal for individual or group learning, this self-balancing stool promotes movement without leaving the seat. A healthy classroom is designed to allow for healthy sitting habits and mobility.

    Quickly change the environment of the classroom with these fun, easy-to-move stools.

    Perfect for flexible learning spaces, collaborative meeting spaces, project-based classrooms, and more!

    Available in 12″, 15″, 18″, or 21″ stools with color highlights!