Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is here to stay and it’s important to understand all forms of clean and renewable energies. The energy industry is growing steadily all over the world, creating new and exciting job opportunities.

Additionally, more and more companies in traditional sectors of manufacturing and supply chain will be applying alternative energy technologies to their existing practices, so the importance of students to understand these skills and master them is only becoming more important.

Toolkit is proud to bring schools training systems and kits in areas such as photovoltaic cells and solar power, hydrogen fuel cells, wind energy, and more in fun, easy-to-understand packages.


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  • SkillMill Interactive eLearning

    TOOLKIT is proud to be the exclusive EDU Partner for SkillMill Digital Trades Learning with AR/VR and Simulation Training Environments.

    Train students on HVAC, Electrical, Commercial HVAC, Plumbing, Solar, and Construction on one, all encompassing platform! Video-based, instructor-led, student-paced eLearning for the Skilled Trades. Micro-course content mixed with interactive simulations and real-world practice environments provide students with life-like training and job-ready skills.

    Use SkillMill as a stand-alone resource, or combine with TOOLKIT Hands-On Training Systems for faster, better, and more realistic training.

  • Mobile Training Center

    Toolkit is proud to offer schools and training facilities a completely customizable and mobile solution for workforce training, STEM education, CTE skills development!

    For schools looking to bring their training and expertise into the community, or share resources between schools, or with physical space limitations that require larger bond and/or construction money, Toolkit’s Mobile Workforce Training Centers are a perfect and eye-catching solution!

    Customizable trailer sizes and physical features allows these mobile training buses and training centers to focus on multiple CTE pathways and courses.

  • H2 Grand Prix – Hydrogen Race Car Competition Starter Package

    Do you want to compete in a global competition against high school students from around the world? Do you want to build and explore the power of hydrogen?

    The H2 Grand Prix is for you!

    H2 Grand Prix PRO is a STEAM-based educational program for high school students where they design, construct and race hydrogen-powered RC cars.

    The program builds STEAM skills through theoretical understanding as well as hands-on learning.

    Toolkit Technologies is proud to be the education partner of the H2 Grand Prix.

    Our starting bundle includes all hardware, kits, charging station, fuel cells, and 1 team entry into your local regional competition.

    The time for hydrogen education is NOW!


  • HydroPower Ready2Go Training System

    Toolkit’s Hydropower Ready2Go Training System gives students a chance to have hands on interactions with the fundamentals of hydro electric power.

    By setting up water turbines students will learn the physics behind hydropower and the different types of turbines it can power.

  • BioEnergy Ready2Go Training System

    Toolkit’s BioEnergy Ready2Go Kit allows students to build and analyze the entire biomass cycle. In the classroom students will be able to track and measure water and nutrient consumption through the different growth phases.

    • germination of plant seeds
    • plant growth in a hydroculture
    • consumption of water and nutrients
    • aerobic degradation of biomass in a compost
    • anaerobic degradation of biomass to form hydrogen
    • anaerobic degradation of biomass to form methane
  • Smart Grid Ready2Go Training System

    Toolkit’s SmartGrid Ready2Go Training System allows students to get an understanding of the entire process behind renewable energy’s conversion from source into usable energy in the power grid. Students will address power grid stability in relation to renewable energy and begin to address the issues that relate to the use of renewable energy sources.

  • BioFuel Ready2Go Training System

    Toolkit’s BioFuel Ready2Go Training System gives students an opportunity to build and analyze the entire bio fuel cycle. Students will be able to measure the process from the growth of plants, into a bio fuel, and then converting fuel into usable energy.

  • Smart Grid Pro Training System (Suitcase)

    Understanding the complex interactions between renewable energies, energy stores and consumers in a smart grid is an important objective in vocational and technical education.

    Toolkit’s SmartGrid Professional Training System is the ideal basic training system to reach this goal. With setting-up smart grids on a laboratory scale and its measurement and control students will learn the electro-technical challenges of mains operations very demonstratively. Pre-set or user-created scenarios let the students gradually develop their knowledge with their own experiments. The influence of renewable energies on grid stability is one major issue of the product. The students at first experience the problem within an experiment to develop approaches for increasing grid stability on their own. At the end they will verify them in practical experiments.

  • Wind Turbine Pro Training System (Suitcase)

    Wind energy currently covers the highest proportion of renewable energy production across the globe. Especially, based on the really fast build-up of new wind power plants, the demand for highly qualified staff is at a very high level.

    With this training system from TOOLKIT Technologies, students are exposed to various technologies and concepts related to wind energy production. The Wind Pro Training System offers you practical oriented experiments for technical training while including engaging and exploratory basic experiments at the same time.

  • Photovoltaic Pro Training System (Suitcase)

    The understanding of photovoltaics is necessary for a variety of professions in the fields of renewable energies. Toolkit is proud to bring this tabletop, portable suitcase training system around the concepts and technologies associated with photovoltaic cells.

    Each experiment is focused around photovoltaic systems with modular set up to allow for various experiments to be performed.

  • Horizon Renewable Energy Box

    The Renewable Energy Box provides a complete understanding of how fuel cell technology interacts with renewable energy sources to create an entirely sustainable power grid.

    Discover Solar Power, Wind Energy, Kinetic Energy from a hand crank, and a demonstration of the incredible storage potential of a super capacitor. Includes all Instructor Manuals, Student Guides, and Hands-on Lab Activities.


  • Horizon Renewable Energy Science Education Kit 2.0

    The Renewable Energy Science Kit demonstrates the workings of a clean energy technology system on a miniature scale. Power an electrical circuit by solar panel or a wind turbine with profiled blades based on NASA aeronautics.