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We believe that technical education is the greatest platform for empowering students and communities to thrive in an increasingly complex world. With the right toolkit, we all are capable of building a better future. Learn more about how our consultants are shaping the future of technical education.

Interested in Working with Toolkit Technologies?

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Potential Jobs

Salespeople (Full-Time, Hybrid, Locations Vary)

Technical Experts and Training Specialists (Full-Time, Hybrid, Locations Vary)

Curriculum Developers and Subject-Matter Experts (Contract, PT, Hybrid)

Digital Content Developers and Technical Influencers (PT,Contract)

Working at Toolkit

Our consultants operate at the cutting edge of innovation and education, working directly with schools to bring future workforce technologies to the classroom.

Whether it is collaborating with instructors to identify the best training solutions for their classrooms, advising administrators on the design and implementation of new programs, or partnering with local industry to build pathways from the classroom to employment, discover how your work at Toolkit can have a profound impact on the communities around you.

A Career Built For You

Every day, we’re helping our customers transform their classrooms and connect with their students in whole new ways. We’re transforming careers with our training solutions. And we’re giving back to our communities with free knowledge sharing, guidance, and resources. If using your career to make a lasting impact on the world is your goal, you have a home at Toolkit.

  • Impact that Scales

    Our mission is to shape the future of education – empowering students, instructors, and entire communities to build a brighter future.

  • The Cutting Edge of Technology

    We partner with the world’s leading companies to bring cutting edge technology and solutions to the classroom.

  • Your Home, Your Community

    Our consultants are thought leaders in their communities, sitting on local advisory committees and boards to help shape the next generation of leaders.

  • Ultimate Freedom & Flexibility

    Enjoy the support of a mission-driven team with complete freedom and flexibility around your schedule.

  • Our Success Starts with You

    As a leader in technical education, we know our success starts with you. Whatever your goals and aspiration, the Toolkit team is here to help you achieve them.