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Diesel Engine

DEMR 1406

An introduction to the automotive industry, including automotive history, safety practices, shop equipment and tool, vehicle subsystems, service publications, fasteners, professional responsibilities, and automotive maintenance.

Basic Electrical Systems

DEMR 1405

An introduction to the basic principles of electrical systems for diesel powered equipment with emphasis on starters, alternators, batteries, and regulators.

Steering and Suspension

DEMR 1330

A study of design, function, maintenance, and repair of steering and suspension systems. Emphasis on troubleshooting and repair of failed components.

Basic Hydraulics

DEMR 1416

Fundamentals of hydraulics including components and related systems.

Basic Brake Systems


An introduction to the basic principles of brake systems of diesel powered equipment. Emphasis on maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting.

Power Train

DEMR 1421

Introduction to fundamentals, repair, and theory of power trains including clutches, transmissions, drive shafts, and differentials. Emphasis on inspection and repair.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

DEMR 1423

Introduction to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning theory, testing, and repair. Emphasis on refrigerant reclamation, safety procedures, specialized tools, and repairs.

Introductory Physics I Lecture

PHYS 1305

"This is a non-technical course that explores some of the fundamental rules of nature. The topics of motion, mechanics, heat, and sound are presented in a conceptual format. This course is recommended for students with no previous physics experience and for those who do not need a math-intensive course as a prerequisite for further work in science, engineering, mathematics, or medicine.
This course fulfills the Life and Physical Sciences foundational component area of the core and addresses the following required objectives: Critical Thinking, Communication, Empirical Quantitative Skills, and Teamwork."

Preventive Maintenance

DEMR 1329

An introductory course designed to provide the student with basic knowledge of proper servicing practices. Content includes record keeping and condition of major systems.

Advanced Diesel Tune-up and Troubleshooting

DEMR 2434

Advanced concepts and skills required for tune-up and troubleshooting procedures of diesel engines. Emphasis on the science of diagnostics with a common sense approach. The student will analyze engine malfunctions; determine corrective repair; perform engine repairs; and adjust engine tune-up according to engine manual. The course will emphasize Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, and Mack electronically controlled engine systems.

Advanced Electrical Systems

DEMR 2439

A continuation of basic electrical systems to include lighting, computer controls and accessories. Emphasis on diagnosis, testing, and repair using the various diagnostic tools and procedures for current electronic systems.

Practicum - Diesel Mechanics Technology/Technician

DEMR 2366

Practical general workforce training supported by an individualized learning plan developed by the employer, college, and student. The College, with the employer, develops and documents an individualized plan for the student. The Plan relates the workplace training and experiences to the student's general and technical course of study. The guided external experiences may be paid or unpaid. This course may be repeated if topics and learning outcomes vary.

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