Electric Vehicles and Hybrids

The demand and interest in Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Vehicles continues to skyrocket, as fuel costs rise, technology changes and becomes more mainstream, and consumer demand for more environment-friendly options increases. This trend does not appear to be slowing down any time soon, therefore it’s important for students in today’s automotive classrooms to have access to new Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Training Systems that keep up with the changes in industry.

The amount and types of technology seen in modern vehicles is drastically different than what was seen 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago; and studies show most training centers and automotive technical programs have not kept pace.

TOOLKIT is here to help schools prepare for this new paradigm with modern and cutting-edge training systems designed around electricity, EVs, safety, and more!

Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicle Training Systems must be safe, accessible, utilize real-world technologies and be consistent with industry trends and standards.

Workers from a variety of educational and employment backgrounds are employed in the electric vehicle industry, such as the scientists who conduct research in electric drive technology, the manufacturing workers who build the vehicles, and the automotive maintenance technicians who repair the vehicles. Most of these occupations require specialized training or work experience in electric vehicle manufacturing and maintenance.


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  • Switch Electric Vehicle Lab

    Our Switch Electric Vehicle Training System is designed to be built, tested, driven, and then disassembled class after class for real-world EV Training.  The Switch EV Lab is a turn-key, complete Electric Vehicle Training Program ready to implement at any school. The build-your-own electric vehicle system includes all necessary training items for learners to use every semester, year-after-year! Our Electric Vehicle training solution comes with all courseware you need to run a 17-week class, an 8-week after-school club, or a 2-week summer workshop. Did we mention it can be made a street-legal car?

  • Tesla Electric Vehicle Training System

    The ConsuLab EV-601-TS is a fully functioning Electric Vehicle Training System based on the Tesla Model 3 Platform. What better way to teach all things EVs than on the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla.

    We are proud to release premier Electric Vehicle Training System available on the market today, the ConsuLab EV-601 iDEV Tesla Training Car. Featuring a functional Tesla Model 3 with OEM components and technologies.

    Have you ever wondered how to give your students hands-on exploration of a complete electrical vehicle in a safe environment? The EV-601-TS_053322 ALL EV iDEV training car by ConsuLab is not just a training aid, it’s an actual Tesla Model 3 training car visually displayed for maximum learning! All major components are identified in their actual location, most have been exposed (cutaway) in a way that is not possible on an operating vehicle, this helps attain a better understanding of their internal components and workings.

    Complete with practical training activities and curriculum!

  • EV High Voltage Safety and Disconnect Trainer

    We are proud to announce our newest training system for Automotive and Electric Vehicle classrooms, the EV-400 High Voltage Safety and Disconnect Trainer from ConsuLab.

    EV-400: Mastering Electric Vehicles in a Safe, Interactive Environment
    The EV-400 is a groundbreaking interactive high voltage trainer designed to revolutionize the way we teach and learn about electric vehicle (EV) systems. This premier tool goes beyond mere demonstrations, empowering students to actively test, explore, and diagnose real-world EV scenarios in a completely safe environment.

    Combining fundamental and foundational skills in electrical concepts with EV-specific training content in high voltage circuits and first-responder loops, the EV-400 is a must-have training tool for modern automotive classrooms. With over 90 testable functions, the EV-400 allows students to hone diagnostic skills with a built in fault box emulating common EV High Voltage issues.  It’s not just about demonstration; it’s about active engagement, hands-on learning, and real-world application.

    The system provides students hands-on learning in high voltages, EV isolation practices, and gives students safe and effective access to MEASURABLE 400V high voltages.

    Available in single training systems or as classroom packages of 12 training systems.

  • Electromagnetism Trainer

    The ConsuLab CL-1902 Electromagnetism trainer is designed for your students to physically demonstrate, test, measure, and experience electromagnetism using a “hands-on” approach to learning. Many aspects of a modern vehicle, whether a car, truck, combustion powered, hybrid or electrically driven, depend on some form of electromagnetism.

    The ConsuLab Electromagnetism Trainer is a perfect fit for principles of Automotive Tech classrooms, STEM, or electrical courses.

  • Relay Lab Kits Pro

    This hands-on learning tool from Switch Labs is designed to teach the functions and wiring of relays, switches, and lights while preparing students to wire up the dash on a Switch EV Kit Car. Includes 5 – 100-foot spools of wire, ferrule connectors, instructions, schematic and testing procedure.

  • Hybrid Planetary Gearset Trainer

    The ConsuLab EM-200-29 Hybrid Planetary Gear-Set Trainer is designed to help instructors teach and students to understand the somewhat complex operation of a typical hybrid vehicle drivetrain. Based on a typical Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle, the trainer provides easy visualization of driveline component operation including:

    • ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)
    • MG1 (Motor/generator # 1)
    • MG2 (Motor/generator # 2)
    • Drive wheels
  • Cutaway Toyota Prius Hybrid Drive Train

    The EC-140H Cutaway Toyota Prius Hybrid Drive Train is a training system designed specifically for teaching how a typical hybrid drive train operates. The trainer consists of all cutaway drive train components from a Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system including:

    • ICE (internal combustion engine)
    • Torque damper assembly
    • MG1 (motor/generator #1)
    • Planetary gearset (power split device)
    • MG2 (motor/generator #2)
    • Transaxle
    • Inverter
    • HV (high voltage) battery (non-functional)

    The ICE, MG1, MG2 and differential output/drive wheels are driven with external electric motors via connecting chains. This design allows the demonstration of eight of the possible hybrid operating modes. All components are cutaway to allow clear student visual learning.


  • Cutaway Scroll Type A/C Compressor – Hybrid

    The EC-2001-07 allows students to see the internal operation of the electrically driven hybrid scroll type A/C compressor. The 3-phase electric motor that drives the compressor can be rotated using a hand crank.

  • Textbook: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles – 2nd Edition

    Electric and hybrid vehicles are now the present, not the future. This straightforward and highly illustrated full color textbook is endorsed by the Institute of the Motor Industry and introduces the subject for further education and undergraduate students as well as technicians.

    A perfect complement to the Switch Electric Vehicle Kit, this textbook is considered a gold-standard for Electric Vehicle Training. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles by Tom Denton covers the different types of electric vehicle, costs and emissions, and the charging infrastructure, before moving on to explain how hybrid and electric vehicles work.

  • Textbook: Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

    Thoroughly revised and expanded, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Third Edition, is your go-to guide for converting an internal combustion engine vehicle to electric or building an EV from the ground up. Students will learn all about the wide variety of EVs available for purchase and how they’re being built.


    Students will learn all the latest breakthroughs, including AC propulsion and regenerative braking systems, intelligent controllers, batteries, and charging technologies.

    A perfect complement to the Switch Electric Vehicle Kit, this textbook is considered a gold-standard for Electric Vehicle Training.