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Our Switch Electric Vehicle Training System is designed to be built, tested, driven, and then disassembled class after class for real-world EV Training.  The Switch EV Lab is a turn-key, complete Electric Vehicle Training Program ready to implement at any school. The build-your-own electric vehicle system includes all necessary training items for learners to use every semester, year-after-year! Our Electric Vehicle training solution comes with all courseware you need to run a 17-week class, an 8-week after-school club, or a 2-week summer workshop. Did we mention it can be made a street-legal car?

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Our Switch Electric Vehicle Training System is an adaptable, turnkey training package with curriculum whether taught as a:

  • 17 Week Semester Course
  • 8 Week After-School Course
  • 2 Week Intensive Summer Course

Training Packages Include:

  • Unpainted glider
  • All required wiring (color coded)
  • 2 seats,
  • All lights, seat belts, and safety elements
  • Windscreen
  • Switch Assembly Manual (+unlimited downloads)
  • Relay Lab Pro Kit
  • Real-World Training aligned with industry needs and market demands
  • Unique – this is a one-of-a-kind training solution for Electric Vehicles
  • Street-Legal – nothing is quite as rewarding as building something from the ground-up, and then putting it to the test
  • Comprehensive curriculum includes both instructor guides and student activity manuals, covering both knowledge and theory of electric vehicles and batteries, and practical lab exercises wiring and building your electric vehicle from scratch
  • Cost-effective industrial training solution
  • Cross-Collaborate between programs – autobody students can paint, add decals, brand for school pep rallies!

2 Different Electric Vehicle Training Options:

  1. Option 1: SL-DC/72
    • DC Drive System
    • 72V AGM Lead Acid Battery
  2. Option 4: SL-PM/96

    • Hyper/9 Drive System
    • 96V Lithium Ion Battery

Relevant Subjects

  • Electric Vehicles and Hybrids
  • STEM

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Technical College

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Electric Vehicle Training for the Future of Automotive Technology

As Electric Vehicles continue to grow in terms of market share, it is important for students and young people to understand the basic principles that go into EVs and automotive technology.

From the basics of electricity, Ohm's Law, DC Circuits, fundamental Electrical Safety, Relays, etc., it's becoming paramount to a student's success in the automotive, STEM, and manufacturing fields to be comfortable and familiar with electric concepts and technologies.

Technologies continue to evolve and grow at an exponential speed, and systems - especially in the automotive industry - will continue to adopt newer and more advanced technologies; therefore, we must prepare students now with a solid foundation.


Much like previous generations built transistor radios, or computers, or similar, our Electric Vehicle kits for building street-legal EVs is pushing student interaction, understanding, and interest like never before!

No amount of visual aids, textbook reading, or demonstrations can do quite for a student's knowledge and retention what building an Electric Vehicle from the ground-up does.

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