Skilled Trades

For the purposes of this website, we will organize and define “Skilled Trades” as the career and technical education clusters that pertain to Construction – both residential and commercial.

Opportunities and careers in the Skilled Trades, specifically in construction, have continued to skyrocket over the past several decades due to increased population growth, infrastructure growth, urban densification, and more. However, Skilled Trades have also been one plagued by a steady decline in qualified labor.

Toolkit is proud to have developed a series of training systems – both physical hands-on solutions as well as digital simulators and VR-ready training solutions – to prepare students with the needed skills of industry.

Our areas of focus and specialty include Construction, Carpentry, Plumbing, Solar, and HVAC.


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  • Electrical Troubleshooting System

    We are excited to take your students’ and employees’ industrial troubleshooting skills to a whole new level with our Innotek Electrical Troubleshooting System, ETS-101.

    The Electrical Troubleshooting System provides a hardware solution that introduces the fundamentals of troubleshooting electrical circuits in a sleek, portable, and approachable manner.

    The unit is completely integrated into a portable suitcase allowing for easy transport. The unit provides circuits that are used in industrial applications, allowing participants to perform develop systematic troubleshooting skills.

    Users can choose their electrical troubleshooting focus area and the circuit for students to troubleshoot.

  • SMC Basic Electrical Training System (AC, DC, Solid State)

    The SMC BEMATE-200 – Your Basic Electricity Mate – provides hardware for hands-on activities and the study of DC, AC and Solid State fundamentals. All devices are permanently mounted and can be quickly connected in a variety of configurations via Banana Jack connectors.

    Users will be introduced to the function and use of various devices and circuits. In addition, test equipment and fault insertion activities will allow for development of troubleshooting skills. 

  • Tabletop Wiring Training System

    The compact, tabletop EW-101 Electrical Wiring Training System allows for hands-on student lab activities in wiring residential, commercial/industrial, HVAC, and low-voltage systems (fire alarm, security system, etc) circuits.

    The double-sided, hands-on training system gives students safe and approachable access to wire various circuits and devices commonly found in real world settings.

    Customize your system by choosing your training focus (two per training system):

  • Transformer Training System

    We are proud to offer 2 different models of the Transformer Training System:

    TRX-101: Fundamental Transformer Training System

    TRX-201: Transformer Training System

    Both Transformer Training System models provide participants with the necessary hardware for students to learn through hands-on experiments in transformer connections and operation.


  • Industrial Wiring Training System

    The IW-201 Industrial Wiring Training System is a complete hands-on training solution for teaching the concepts of residential, commercial and industrial wiring in a compact and mobile classroom setting.

    The Innotek Industrial Wiring Training System IW-201 allows students to study and practice electrical wiring skills like conduit bending, installing and wiring motor controls in a NEMA Electrical panel, terminating wires and choosing correct wire size, installing wiring into devices, and more!

    The skills-based approach of the IW-200 is an invaluable tool for students studying/training to be electricians, industrial maintenance technicians, and/or advanced manufacturing operators, as it builds confidence through hands-on activities and competency-based exercises.

    1. Power Distribution, Wiring, and Devices
    2. Conduits and Enclosures
    3. Industrial Controls


  • Residential Wiring Training System

    The RW-201 Residential Wiring Training System provides participants with a compact mobile framing system allowing for installation and connection of various residential electrical circuits and devices in a reusable format. This system gives access to real world electrical components simulating actual residential installations in a realistic house frame model.

    The mobile frame includes a floor, (3) stud wall sections and an optional roof framing section. The system’s unique mobile industrial frame allows for easily transport – fitting through most interior classroom doors – and folding legs allow for quick and easy storage when not being used.


  • SkillMill Interactive eLearning

    TOOLKIT is proud to be the exclusive EDU Partner for SkillMill Digital Trades Learning with AR/VR and Simulation Training Environments.

    Train students on HVAC, Electrical, Commercial HVAC, Plumbing, Solar, and Construction on one, all encompassing platform! Video-based, instructor-led, student-paced eLearning for the Skilled Trades. Micro-course content mixed with interactive simulations and real-world practice environments provide students with life-like training and job-ready skills.

    Use SkillMill as a stand-alone resource, or combine with TOOLKIT Hands-On Training Systems for faster, better, and more realistic training.

  • Tenstar Heavy Equipment Operator Simulator

    The most exciting and immersive driving simulator available to students for real-world training on real equipment and machines.

    Our unique Virtual Reality Simulator offers the unique ability to combine several machine types all on the same platform for varied and robust training capabilities! Train on over 27 industrial equipment types and machines all on the same simulator!

    With our modular design, you can always adapt the simulator platform to create your optimal solution by combining professional components from the industry – steering wheel, joysticks, pedals, control systems, screens, VR headsets, etc.

    Each machine education driving simulator has a set of carefully developed exercises, optimized to train the students in areas of maintenance, driving, maneuvering, safety and special handling.

  • Mobile Training Center

    Toolkit is proud to offer schools and training facilities a completely customizable and mobile solution for workforce training, STEM education, CTE skills development!

    For schools looking to bring their training and expertise into the community, or share resources between schools, or with physical space limitations that require larger bond and/or construction money, Toolkit’s Mobile Workforce Training Centers are a perfect and eye-catching solution!

    Customizable trailer sizes and physical features allows these mobile training buses and training centers to focus on multiple CTE pathways and courses.

  • Cutaway Training Models

    At Toolkit Technologies, we only bring the very best training aids, training systems, and industrial-quality technologies into the classroom. So for applications where you want to see, show, and demonstrate the inner workings of an object, look no further than our Custom Cutaway Creations.

    We can create a visually intriguing cutaway display that will reveal the inner workings of any mechanical or electro-mechanical product. From concept to completion, we can make it happen. Our experience and expertise allows us to deliver the perfect training aid cutaway for your program. Or simply tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

  • Residential Plumbing Training System Platform

    TOOLKIT’s Plumbing Trainers PLMB-200 Training System Platforms provide participants with the necessary hardware and components for installation, connection, and maintenance of various residential plumbing fixtures and devices.

    This system gives access to onboard components simulating real world installations commonly seen in industrial plumbing environments. The PLMB-200 Series includes 3 different units which can be used individually or connected together for whole house connectivity.

    The Mobile PLMB-Testing system provides a mobile reservoir, pump, and drain tank for testing installations and connections.

  • Single Residential Plumbing Training Systems

    TOOLKIT’s Plumbing Trainers PLMB-100 Series Training systems provides participants with the hardware for installation, and connection of individual residential plumbing fixtures and devices in a compact and simple format. This system gives access to onboard fixtures and framing allowing real world installation activities for students to learn real industry skills in a highly accessible and approachable manner.