Industrial Wiring

Industrial Wiring Training System

Power Distribution and Wiring

Power Distribution and Wiring

Industrial Wiring Training System

Industrial Wiring Training System

Model #IW-200

Industrial Wiring Training System

The IW-201 Industrial Wiring Training System is a complete hands-on training solution for teaching the concepts of residential, commercial and industrial wiring in a compact and mobile classroom setting.

The Innotek Industrial Wiring Training System IW-201 allows students to study and practice electrical wiring skills like conduit bending, installing and wiring motor controls in a NEMA Electrical panel, terminating wires and choosing correct wire size, installing wiring into devices, and more!

The skills-based approach of the IW-200 is an invaluable tool for students studying/training to be electricians, industrial maintenance technicians, and/or advanced manufacturing operators, as it builds confidence through hands-on activities and competency-based exercises.

  1. Power Distribution, Wiring, and Devices
  2. Conduits and Enclosures
  3. Industrial Controls


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Training Panels (2 Per System)

Software package


Schools love versatility and real world training applications of our Industrial Wiring Training System. The industrial wiring trainer includes all real-world components such as 3-phase motor, pushbuttons, switches, valves, transformer, and a 24VDC power supply.

The training system is housed on a mobile and compact workstation that allows for easy transport and storage, and fits through standard interior doors.

This system utilizes a 3-Phase 208/120 supply power and allows for the following configurations (two per system):

  1. Power Distribution, Wiring, and Devices
  2. Conduits and Enclosures
  3. Industrial Controls

Power Distribution, Wiring, and Devices

    • 208/120 Three Phase Power Entry
    • Locking Disconnect (LOTO)
    • Three Phase Distribution Panel
    • Single Phase Distribution Panel
    • Switching Circuits
    • Receptacles
    • Distribution Transformers
    • Incandescent and LED Lights
    • Fluorescent Lighting
    • HID Lighting
    • Timing Module


Conduits and Enclosures

    • Box and Enclosure Installation
    • Conduit Bending
    • Bending Jig (90°, 3 & 4-Point Saddle Bends)
    • Conduit Installation
    • Wire Pulling


Industrial Controls

    • 208/120 Three Phase Power Entry
    • Locking Disconnect (LOTO)
    • NEMA Enclosure (30”x24”x8”)
    • (1) E-Stop
    • (1) Selector Switch
    • (4) Non-Illuminated Pushbuttons
    • (4) Illuminated Pushbuttons
    • (4) Indicator Lights
    • (1) Power Supply
    • (2) 8-Pin Control Relays
    • (2) IEC Control Relays
    • (1) IEC Non-Reversing Starter
    • (1) IEC Reversing Starter
    • (1) Multi-Mode Timer
    • (1) Motor Disconnect
    • (1) 3-Phase Motor
    • (1) Limit Switch
    • (3) Sensors (Photo and Proximity)
      • AC Variable Speed Drive Add-On*
      • DC Variable Speed Drive/Motor Add-On*
      • 3-Phase Conveyor with Sensors Add-On*
      • Forward Reverse Door Application Add-On*
      • Pneumatic Application Add-On*
      • PLC Add-On*
      • HMI Add-On*

Learning Topics

  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Electrical
  • Mechatronics
  • Skilled Trades

Grade/Skill Level

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College
  • University

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