Hirebotics Robotic Welding System

Hirebotics UR Robotic Welding

Hirebotics Universal Robot Welding System

Toolkit Welding Robot Cart and Plasma Cutter Cobot

Hirebotics UR Cobot Plasma Cutter

UR Robotic Welder

Hirebotics UR Cobot Welder Training System with Beacon

Technical Education Cobot Welding Training Cart

Students Using Cobot Welder

Classroom Welding Robots

Classroom Welding Robots

Cobot Welding Training System

Automated Welding Cobot Cart

Welding Robot Cart Training System

Hirebotics Welding Cobot Cart

Welding Collaborative Robot Training System

UR Welding Robot

Easy to Program Welding Robot

UR Cobot Welding Trainer with Software

We are proud to represent the #1 robotic welder on the market today in terms of ease-of-use and approachability. Learn why companies across the country are adopting this collaborative robot welding cart in record numbers.

The challenge with implementing robotic welding systems is that rarely can you find expertise in both welding AND robotics. This industrial cobot welding system from Toolkit Technologies and Hirebotics alleviates all hurdles with it’s turn-key, all-in-one system that delivers high quality precision and accuracy, easy-to-use and approachable user interface, and best-in-class results.

Start training the future generation of welders on automation robot welding training carts.

Available with UR10e or UR20 robots.

Available as a Cobot Welder or as a Cobot Plasma Cutter.

Pricing upon request

Universal Robot Size *

Welding or Cutting System *

Add-On Classroom Robotic Trainers


  • Easiest Cobot Teaching
  • Weld Any Material
  • High Quality MIG Welding Robot
  • Automate Any Manual Process – Successfully make TIG-quality welds, and improve your manual Stick, and MIG output!
  • Instant Service and Support
  • Data Tracking and Analytics
  • Dry Run vs Torch


Universal Robots – UR10e – 51″ Reach

Universal Robots – UR20 – 69″ Reach

Welding Power Source

Miller Invision 352MPa with S-74 MPa Plus

208v-575v single or three-phase

350 Amps

Or ESAB available

Welding Torch

  • UR10e – Tregaskiss Tough Gun MIG welding gun
  • UR20 – Tregaskiss Tough Gun I.C.E. MIG welding gun

Robot Welding Cart

32″ x 48″ Siegmund Assembled Welding Cart with 5/8″ Holes on 2″ Spacing for Flexible Mounting

Cobot Plasma Cutting Cart

Take your manufacturing classes to the next level with our Cobot Plasma Cutting System. Perfect for curved, domed, rounded and larger parts that your traditional XY plasma cutter table isn’t optimized for, our Cobot Cutter is the classroom manufacturing tool you need.

Relevant Subjects

  • Manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Skilled Trades
  • Welding

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • Technical College
  • University

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Product Documents

Every Hirebotics Cobot Welding Cart and Plasma Cutting Cart comes with our intuitive Beacon programming app.

Learn fundamentals of robotics programming on the SMC RTS-200

hirebotics welding robot logo

A Welding Robot Made for EVERYONE

There is an alarming shortage of skilled welders in and entering the workforce.

Our mission with the Hirebotics Cobot Welder is to empower EVERYONE to be a skilled welder and a skilled robotician without any prior experience.

This quite frankly is the easiest robot in the world to program and to weld with.


ESAB and Miller Welding Robot
Collaborative Robot Remote Monitoring and Analytics

Beacon App

Introduce your Manufacturing Classrooms and Welding Labs to the power of Industry 4.0. Remote monitoring, performance tracking, and robust visibility into production metrics and quality is now not only possible, but easy to teach.

Our included Beacon software tool makes robot programming and welding intuitive and simple, and allows for real time support and service of your equipment faster than ever.

UR Teach Pendant and Beacon App

Easy Programming

Beacon simplifies the programming process, using easy-to-understand welding terms that any welder can grasp, regardless of their technical background. This approach ensures that transitioning to robotic welding is a smooth and straightforward experience, enhancing the efficiency of your shop's operations.

Experience the refreshing, easy-to-use way to teach your cobot with Hirebotics’ Beacon app that takes only minutes to learn:

Robotic Welding Tooling

Smart Puck Tooling

Using our Smart Puck end of arm tooling (EoAT), we make programming your Universal Robot cobot even simpler, easier, and faster!

Click, Drag, Click, Weld.

We are revolutionizing the way welders weld and programmers code.

We want your welders and your students to produce parts faster than ever and enjoy the process more.


No robotic jargon or programming knowledge is needed with our welding robot system. Teach your welds all through a phone and/or tablet app!

Start programming and welding in minutes!



Lesson 1: Creating a Part

Using predefined settings within the Beacon app for different welding parameters, we make welding simple and seamless. Simply select the settings that suit your requirements best, and voila - you’ve just created your first part!

Lesson 2: Teaching a Linear Weld
Lesson 3: Teaching a Radial Weld
Lesson 4: Teaching Tack Welds
Lesson 5: Teaching Stitch Welds

Position your robot at the starting point of your desired stitch length and press the blue button to save this point. Repeat the process for the endpoint of your stitch length.

After saving these points, it’s time to define your stitches.

  1. In the app, select the first point you created.
  2. Here, you’ll be able to specify both the number of stitches you want along the length and the length of each stitch. For example, you might want four stitches, each two inches long.
  3. After setting these parameters, hit "Save" once again.
Lesson 6: Setting Up Air Moves
Lesson 7: Setting Up a Playlist
Lesson 8: Using the Operator Box
Lesson 9: Combining Different Welds
Lesson 10: Editing a Part
Lesson 11: Shifting a Part

Now, let’s delve into the concept of "shifting". Imagine that you want to move a specific set of points on the part to a different location on the table.

Shifting a part (or a subset of a part) takes in a set of points and recalculates their position.  Shifting updates the position of all selected points.  A common use case for this feature is repositioning your fixture to a new location on the table.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Grab your device, and set up a linear weld as usual by teaching the robot the two points that define the weld. Once you’ve established your points, hit "Save".
  • The next step is selecting both of these points and selecting the "Shift" icon. The system is now ready to learn a new origin point.
  • Now, move the robot to the start of where you want your linear weld to be moved to. Click apply, then "Shift Points".
Lesson 12: Patterning a Part
Lesson 13: Viewing Weld Data in Beacon
Lesson 14: Accessing In-App Support

Teach Industry Skills with Our Welding Robot

Our Robotic Welding Training System includes:

Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot
(51" reach) OR the UR20 (68.9" reach)

Miller Cobot Welding Package, including an Invision 352 MPa pulsed welder and S74 feeder

Tregaskiss Tough Gun MIG welding gun

Hirebotics' Smart Puck for software-free teaching

Siegmund 48" x 32" welding cart (size options)

UR20 version comes with a 5'x10' table

Operator panel with emergency stop for quick program start

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