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hydrogen car

hydrogen car

hydrogen kit car

hydrogen kit car

H2Grand Prix Hydrogen Competition

H2Grand Prix Hydrogen Competition

H2GP Bundle

H2GP Bundle

Model #TK-H2GP

H2 Grand Prix – Hydrogen Race Car Competition Starter Package

Do you want to compete in a global competition against high school students from around the world? Do you want to build and explore the power of hydrogen?

The H2 Grand Prix is for you!

H2 Grand Prix PRO is a STEAM-based educational program for high school students where they design, construct and race hydrogen-powered RC cars.

The program builds STEAM skills through theoretical understanding as well as hands-on learning.

Toolkit Technologies is proud to be the education partner of the H2 Grand Prix.

Our starting bundle includes all hardware, kits, charging station, fuel cells, and 1 team entry into your local regional competition.

The time for hydrogen education is NOW!



Product Documents

Renewable Energy Box Datasheet


Your chance to join a global movement and competition taking the world by storm. Toolkit Technologies and Horizon Education is proud to call on Earth’s young engineers to design and race HYDROGEN-POWERED RC cars.

In addition to learning to work together to complete a complex, long-term engineering project, students are exposed to many different technologies related to renewable energy through lab activities and reading materials. Pre- and post-event studies allow for comparison of student and teacher experiences and the ability to measure the impact and overall wffects of the H2GP experience. Our studies show that students who complete the H2GP are more likely to attend college, major in STEAM fields and pursue relevant careers in new and booming sectors.

Competition Overview

The semester-long H2GP program empowers students to be the problem-solvers of tomorrow, connect with the Earth’s automotive industry, and gear it up with renewable energy technology.

The growing demand for energy in end era of manmade climate change may ultimately be the greatest challenge of the 21st century. We need the creativity, ingenuity and critical thinking skills of the generation coming of age today now more than ever. The Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix is a comprehensive science and engineering program that gives students from all over the world the opportunity to apply their talents as they learn about environmental sustainability, renewable energy and alternative fuels, through variety of science experiments and curricular materials.

Design. Build. Race!

Students must apply a wide range of foundational knowledge acquired in the first part of the program throughout the competition. Their task is to design, engineer and build their own fuel cell-powered RC car and test it during a 4-hour race. From the earliest conceptual stages to maintaining and repairing their car during the race, students are in control of every step of the process, enabling truly immersive experience that captures the rigor and excitement of real-world science and engineering endeavors.


Learning Topics

  • Renewable Energy
  • STEM

Grade/Skill Level

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College
  • University

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24.8 × 17.3 × 13.8 in

H2 Grand Prix

Global Hydrogen Race + Competition

The Competition

The H2 Grand Prix PRO is an RC car race competition that uses competitive engineering and design strategies to explore hybrid hydrogen fuel cell technology.

H2GP PRO allows students to customize their RC hydrogen car for greater efficiency and performance, and competitive racing is the final stage. This program allows high school students to acquire skills by developing a custom-built car from the concept and design stages through prototyping, manufacturing, experimentation and optimization.

These students work collaboratively, not just under the supervision of their respective faculty advisors, but also alongside engineering undergraduates from local universities who provide expertise and guidance. Additionally, leading industry professionals provide access to high-tech tools, enabling students to develop career-relevant skills over the course of this program.






The Process

Step 1: Define the Problem

Phase I is centered on defining the problem of global climate change. Students analyze data from scientific organizations and engage with hands on experiments on renewable energy technologies.

Step 2: Build a Solution

In Phase II, students begin to construct their own hydrogen-powered car — a potential solution to the problem of global climate change. They design the look of the car, assemble and maintain its power systems, and make sure the car is in good working order.

What are the necessary components of a car? How do the different systems of a car work together to keep the car functioning? What shape would be most advantageous for a car’s body? These questions are explored as students construct a working fuel cell-energized powered RC car, either working from a kit or designing and building from scratch. They will design and build a body to encase their car, using 3D modeling software from Autodesk to test their designs in virtual wind tunnels, and print their body to scale.

Step 3: Test Your Solution

During Phase III, the students must put the car through its paces to improve it as much as possible leading up to the race day. The goal is for the car to run as long as possible, so fuel efficiency trumps raw speed. They must perform experiments, make measurements, and adjust their car to maximize its performance capabilities.

How can the car achieve the greatest efficiency? What forces do we need to consider when driving the car? How should its steering sensitivity, ground clearance, rear axle differential, and other parameters be adjusted for peak performance? Students will experiment with their car, improving their own driving skills while testing the limits of the car’s capabilities. With the cars and drivers finely tuned, the students and their creations are ready to face off in a four-hour endurance race.

H2GP World Competition Race

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