Model #TK-BioEnergy-R2G-1710

BioEnergy Ready2Go Training System

Toolkit’s BioEnergy Ready2Go Kit allows students to build and analyze the entire biomass cycle. In the classroom students will be able to track and measure water and nutrient consumption through the different growth phases.

  • germination of plant seeds
  • plant growth in a hydroculture
  • consumption of water and nutrients
  • aerobic degradation of biomass in a compost
  • anaerobic degradation of biomass to form hydrogen
  • anaerobic degradation of biomass to form methane

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1x 1100-27 Motor module without gear
1x 1218-02 PEM-Fuel cell module
1x 1602-01 leXsolar-Base unit small
2x 1700-05 expanded clay pebbles
1x 1700-06 fertilizer
1x 1700-07 compost catalyst
1x 1700-08 composter
1x 1700-09 gas collecting container
1x 1700-10 burner
1x 1700-11 tripod plant lighting
1x 1700-12 sprout box
1x 1700-13 box 6 L
1x 1700-14 tripod
1x 1700-15 seed set
1x 1700-16 rubber plug with tube
1x 1700-17 ID tags
1x 1710-01 aluminum case 1710 silver
1x 1710-02 aluminum case 1710 blue
2x L2-01-120 pot holder BioEnergy
1x L2-02-017 Propeller
1,5x L2-02-046 silicone tube 4mm
1x L2-02-083 Y-switch 4mm
2x L2-04-194 plant light
1x L2-05-141 hose clamp
1x L2-06-012 Test lead black 25 cm
1x L2-06-013 Test lead red 25 cm
2x L2-06-033 Short-circuit plug
1x L2-06-075 Erlenmeyer flask 1000 ml
2x L2-06-185 timer
1x L2-06-186 air pump
2x L2-06-187 aeration stone
50x L2-06-188 net cup planter
1x L2-06-189 ec meter
1x L2-06-190 temperature logger
1x L2-06-191 weight
1x L2-06-192 tweezers
24x L2-06-199 stopper red
1x L2-06-200 nebulizer
2x L3-01-012 plastic box Gratnells 75 mm deep
1x L3-01-210 Insert BioEnergy Rtg 1710
2x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup
1x L3-03-274 Layout diagram 1710 BioEnergy Ready-to-go

Relevant Subjects

  • Renewable Energy
  • STEM

Designed for:

  • High School
  • K-8
  • Technical College

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