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SMC Mechatronics + Industry 4.0 Learning System (M&I-400)

The newest training system for developing skills in both Mechatronics and Industry 4.0 technologies. 

SMC’s M&I-400 is a learning system designed for training on industrial technologies in mechatronics and industry 4.0, while being incredibly attractive and visually appealing. The industrial system makes it easy for students to attain industry’s most needed skills through exciting and practical activities, while also attracting students to learn these skills and technologies.

Projects and activities can be carried out that motivate students to explore Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies while also learning important fundamental concepts related to Mechatronics.

SMC’s M&I-400 emulates a highly automated factory, where different types of products are produced, packed and shipped. The M&I-400 training system makes it possible to work on advanced and connected manufacturing concepts.

This system is aligned with SMC’s Industrial Certification Pathway for Industry 4.0.

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Product Documents

Software package

Discover the SMC MES-400 Management Execution System software!

The most powerful MES software and training tool on the market for real-time order entry, tracking, inventory monitoring, disturbance-creation, custom APIs, physical and digital system installation, and more.

Discover the SMCtwin-400 Digital Twin software!

The market’s flagship Digital Twin tool for education with 1-for-1 digital emulation of the physical SIF-400 Smart Factory. A powerful Industry 4.0 tool with unlimited potential for schools.

Discover the SMC RAB-400 Remote Access Box!

Take your Smart Factory training experience home with you, or anywhere in the world, with the remote access training box. Connect your systems to the RAB-400, log in, and view/monitor/program your Industry 4.0 training systems remotely!


The SMC Mechatronics + Industry 4.0 Learning System (M&I-400) is the most state-of-the-art mechatronics and industry 4.0 system to be offered at this compact footprint.

Its modular nature allows the user to configure the system that best suits their needs, also enabling staggered growth over time (more stations to come!).  Starting from an initial basic configuration, a subsequent expansion is possible, adding new work stations and, therefore, new technologies.

The M&I-400 training equipment offers a professional training experience that matches the industrial reality, where all the components are of standardized use in the industry. The M&I-400 is a flexible system that allows the user to customize certain parameters, such as the range of controller used.


Learning Topics

  • Industry 4.0
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechatronics

Grade/Skill Level

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College
  • University

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Industrial Technology, Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Digitalization, Digital Twins, Augmented Reality, API, Cybersecurity, AI/ML, Mobile Robots, Management Execution Software (MES), ERP, Data Analytics, IIoT, MQTT

SMC M&I-400 icon

SMC Mechatronics + Industry 4.0 Learning System

Station Specifications

The M&I-400 stations have a new and attractive design. It's a compact design that makes it possible to integrate a larger number of technologies into less space. The station concept is also modular, made up of five blocks that are interconnected with each other in a very intuitive way via connectors. The five basic models are:

  • • The structure, with a distinguishing aesthetic finish.
  • • The transport system in its two pneumatic and electric versions.
  • • The electrical cabinet with integrated control.
  • • A control panel.
  • • The table where the functional blocks of each station are located.
Each station has TWO CONTROLLERS, one in the main cabinet for station control and another located in the transport module. It's worth highlighting the autonomy of the transport system which, thanks to the inclusion of a PLC, can operate as an independent unit simply by connecting it to a power supply. M&I-400 is composed of up to 11 independent stations with integrated control. The production, packaging and dispatch of different types of products are carried out at the different processing stations. All managed using an M.E.S. system. Each of the M&I-400 system stations carries out a different part of the process.

M&I-400 System Layout

SMC's M&I-400 training system has two work areas: the assembly area & the logistics area.

• ASSEMBLY: The assembly process is made up of 9 sequential stations. During this process, the container is supplied, as well as the different fillings, smart or basic. As well as this, the capping, quality inspection and storage of the product takes place.

“Pick to Light” Station - The M&I-407 corrections station is included in the assembly process. It's a guided correction station, with manual interaction, where PTL (Pick / Put to Light) technology is used.

• LOGISTICS: The logistics block is made up of 2 stations, also sequential, the packing station and the dispatch station. In this part of the process, the products can be packed in secondary packaging and then dispatched along the different ramps.

M&I-400 Advanced Manufacturing "Products"

Batch Size: 1

Gone are the days of Henry Ford's Mass Production Motto: "Any Color...As Long as it's Black."

The SMC M&I-400's use of Multiple Product Types and Product Colors creates an endless number of possible configurations.

1- Content Type: smart (iProduct) or basic.

2- Smart Content Settings: color definition (6 options available).

3- Basic Content Settings: number of fillings to include (none, 1 or 2 heights).

4- Cap Color: white, blue, black or no cap.

5- Secondary Packaging: Possibility of packing the product in a box.

Arduino Customized Product

SMC iProduct

An Arduino "Smart" Product that can be customized to simulate endless combinations of products and variants. Light-Up LED colors include: White, Yellow, Magenta, Green, Blue, and Red. Grabs students' attention and provide additional learning capabilities.

Basic Product i4o Training

SMC Basic Product

The smart container pallet with RFID can hold up to 2 "basic products" aka plastic tablets that can be customized/engraved with school logos.


Product Lid

Users can customize if they want the product to have a lid AND what color that lid should be. Options include White, Blue, and Black.

reusable box

Secondary Product Package

The reusable secondary packaging, a plastic box, allows users the possibility of ordering a product in a packed box.

M&I-400 Custom Product Sustainability

SMC M&I-400 Learning Stations

Container Feeding Station

The function of this station is to feed containers to the system, which are stored in a gravity feeder. All of the containers have an RFID tag that allows them to be identified and traced throughout the whole process. Once supplied, the position of the container is verified and, if this is not correct, the container is rejected and removed from the system.

iProduct Feeding Station

This station feeds the smart fillings (iProduct) from a horizontal store and inserts them into the product container. This smart filling, based on a compact development board with an integrated microcontroller, will light up with the colour defined for the product to be manufactured, identified in the RFID tag. The iProduct has 6 different colours that the product can be illuminated with

Filling + Feeding Station

This station feeds the basic fillings from a vertical store and inserts them into the product container. One or two heights of this type of filling can be inserted. The quantity to be fed will be defined in the RFID tag according to the product being manufactured. This station has built-in security technologies. It has an electromagnet closure that only allows it to be opened in order to refill the raw material safely.

Container Feeding, Checking, and Rejecting

There are three different types of caps according to their colour: white, blue and black. This station feeds the caps to an index plate where they are sorted. Then, it fits the cap for the product being manufactured, identified in the RFID tag, onto the container.

iProduct Feeding Station

This station is 100% educational. It aims to create disturbances / modifications, in the manufactured product. You can choose which orders will have disturbances in the management software. These disturbances are created randomly, following a predefined percentage. The station will modify the product components - type and/or amounts of filling, and/or cap - based on the defined disturbances.

Final Inspection and Rejection

This station carries out quality control of the product once assembled, and rejects it if the result of the inspection is unsatisfactory. To do this, it has an artificial vision camera. This camera has the option of creating a history with the photos taken, providing a database of photos that the user can use to carry out their own projects.

Pick to Light Station

If the M&I-406 station rejects the product in manufacturing, its defects can be corrected so that it can be re-entered into the system. This station allows the defective product to be corrected and recovered through manual interaction, assisted by “Pick to Light” technology. Using numerical and luminous indicators, this technology guides the user in correcting the components. The station has a key user identification system with integrated RFID that, depending on the type of user, will allow different actions to be carried out.

Pneumatic Warehousing Station

The function of this station is to store the finished product. It has a vertical store with 8 positions, where the product containers are placed through pneumatic handling.

Robotic Warehousing Station

The function of this station is to store the finished product, using robotic technology. It has a horizontal store with 8 positions, where the collaborative robot places the products being manufactured.

Packaging Station

The function of this station is to insert the finished product into secondary packaging, a box, for subsequent dispatch. The secondary packaging is labelled beforehand, incorporating a barcode to identify the product.

Dispatching Station

The finished product will be dispatched from this station. The station has 2 different ramps, each with 2 locations. Each ramp has an indicator light that makes it possible to identify the location of the ramp.

M&I-MES Management Execution Software

MES Software

M&I-MES Management Execution System Software

The M&I-MES allows the user to control and manage the M&I-400 system, including the storing and monitoring of all process data. It is structured in four blocks: management, movement, supervision and administration.

MES Software
Management Execution System

Management Module

The Management Module allows you to manage resources and send orders to the system. There are different functions within this module:

  • - Order Management: allows you to create, view, edit, and delete orders in the M&I-400 system. You can send different types of orders:
    • - MTS (Make to stock),
    • - MTO (Make to order),
    • - Expedition - shipping or a combination of MTO and shipping.
  • - Product Management: allows you to create different products, choosing between the existing raw material options, as well as naming the product created.
  • - Customer Management: allows you to create, view, edit and delete the customers that have placed orders in the M&I-400 system.
  • - Dispatcher: this is the function in charge of sending orders. The disturbance configuration will be selected from this function if the M&I-405 station is available.
  • - Warehouses: M&I-400 has 2 warehouse-type stations. From this function, both warehouses will be displayed and can be edited, as well as making it possible to select the warehouse filling policy if both stations are available.
Management Execution System

Movement Module

This module defines the physical layout and allows you to view the status of the system. There are different functions within this module:

  • - Physical Layout: allows you to define the physical layout of the stations, activating those that are available.
  • - System Status: this feature allows you to view the status of each station. You can monitor when a station is in use or on alert, find out if the stations are connected, the work in progress and change the operating mode of the system.

Supervision Module

This module monitors the alarms and the traceability of the orders. There are different functions within this module:

  • - Tracking: allows you to view the progress and tracking of customer orders, manufacturing and shipping orders, and products, both in real time and in order history.
  • - Notifications: this is an alarm and notifications manager. It notifies the user, in real time, of an alarm and also saves a history of notifications with data on resolution times, product being manufactured related to the alarm, etc.

Supervision Module

ADMINISTRATION MODULE - This module allows you to edit the data of the user that you are working with in the management software.

SMC's M&I-400 Training System includes...

Automation + Robotics

The SMC SIF-400 Smart Innovative Factory includes Industrial Robots from your choice of industrial manufacturer for real-world, industrially-relevant training. Choose robots from global leaders such as ABB, Fanuc, Omron, Kuka, Denso, and others. Students get hands-on training in in industrial robotics.

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots are here for good. The M&I-400 utilizes a market-leading collaborative robot from Universal Robots to carry out various tasks in accordance with both Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 concepts and technologies.

Industrial Internet of Things

Autonomous robots, also known as Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), are a key revolution in the way products and good are transported throughout Smart Factories. SMC's Smart Factory Training System utilizes industry-leading autonomous robots learners will develop important Industry 4.0 skills, including how to program an autonomous robot to travel between stations to deliver necessary items on a precise schedule.

Management Execution System Software

The SMC Smart Innovative Factory includes an industry-leading smart manufacturing execution system software, SIFMES-400. SIFMES-400 allows the user to control and manage the Smart Factory training system, storing and monitoring all process data. It is structured in four blocks: management, movement, supervision and administration. The SMC industry-leading visual communications software allows learners to monitor production processes, enter orders from inventory or production, and view, monitor, and analyze production trends.

Teaching Material + Curriculum

The SMC Smart Factory Training System, SIF-400, includes industry-leading, industry-driven curriculum from the world's largest manufacturer of Automation technologies. The teaching material is structured in three packs: • Station Curriculum: This includes information on the function and operation of each station within the SIF-400 system as well as each industry 4.0 technologies included in each station. • Technology: This includes detailed information of each technology and its function in the system. It also includes practical examples, industry training exercises, and systems integration activities that can be developed for each relevant technology. • Software and System: This includes information on how to install and operate the system's software. In addition, it includes case studies and lab activity challenges in which several stations are connected together to accomplish specific industry challenges.

Digital Twin SMCTwin-400

Simulate the behavior of your physical Smart Factory Training System with a digital twin, SMCTWIN-400, that recreates the operation and characteristics of the SMC SIF-400 exactly as it operates in the real world. SMCTwin-400 is an exact virtual copy, also known as a Digital Shadow, of the physical systems. This allows students to safely experiment with the operation of the industry 4.0 system with no risk of damage or malfunction. This allows students to create PLC programs in the Digital Twin and emulate them exactly as they would operate in the real world environment. Students can also create their own models, components, and systems, and learn a valuable Industry 4.0 skill.

Augmented Reality

SMC's Smart Factory Training System includes Augmented Reality capabilities where learners can receive real-time assistance, instruction, and guidance at each station. Pull up datasheets, manufacturer specifications, and valuable system data via mobile, AR-ready devices. Augmented Reality enables smoother communication, a safer work environment, and contributes to a better work environment.

End-to-End Visibility

SMC's Industry 4.0 Smart Factory provides learners context of advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0 concepts and technologies on BOTH the Supply Chain side and Production/Manufacturing side of modern manufacturing environments. Students are able to place orders, and track them from time of creation to end delivery to a customer's door. Full and complete Industry 4.0 perspectives.

Digital Twin SMCTwin-400

A key benefit of Industry 4.0 is increased productivity and increased efficiencies. Students need to learn that energy efficiencies are important for manufacturing companies globally, and the inefficient use of compressed air can add huge costs to a company yearly. The SMC Smart Factory training system keeps track of all air consumption and energy used throughout the manufacturing process at each station, and uses this data to make valuable factory-floor and top-floor decisions. This data can also be used to exlore machine learning concepts in order to better increase efficiencies and productivity.

New Technologies

IO-Link Smart Sensors, Industrial Technologies, New Communication Protocols like MQTT, Collaborative Robots, Inventive Transfer Stations, etc. combine to build this flexible manufacturing system with predictive maintenance capabilities, and tools by which the system collects, stores, and analyzes data in accordance with Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 concepts.

MQTT Protocols

SMC Industrial Certifications Pathways for Industry 4.0

SMC Certification I40

SMC Certified Industry 4.0 Specialist (CI4S)

The most comprehensive Industry 4.0 pathway available on the market, and the most encompassing certification available on the SMC Industry Certification Pathway.

Including topics and micro credentials from all Specialist Areas, learners are expected to attain skills in Industry 4.0, Automation, Fluid Power, Mechanical, Robotics, and Mechanical.

The Certified Industry 4.0 Specialist certification prepares and documents an individual’s skill proficiency in competencies related to advanced Industry 4.0 system found in modern industrial facilities. Completion of this credential indicates satisfactory skill verification required to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair Industry 4.0 and associated integrated systems.

The CI4S Certificate is achieved by completing the underlying technician credentials and demonstrating mastery via written and hands-on skills assessments. The following list indicates the technician level credentials along with a description of each.

Industry 4.0 Certification Pathway
Industry 4.0 Certification Program

Introduces individuals to the fundamentals of industry 4.0 concepts and its role in present day industrial operations. This includes a study of IO Link protocol along with its use for smart sensors, valves, and actuators.

- Industry 4.0 Fundamentals

- IO Link Communications

- Smart Sensor Technology

- Smart Valve Technology

- Smart Actuator Technology

- Digital Twin Basics

Industry 4.0 Training from the World's Largest Automation Manufacturer

Are your students prepared to work in a global manufacturing environment filled with the most advanced and state-of-the-art connected, automated systems?

Do they possess the skills to effectively and confidently work with industry 4.0 technologies on a component-by-component basis AND smart factory processes with a systems perspective?

The need for students and the workforce to be able to operate, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, analyze and build enterprise-wide smart factory systems is the driving force behind SMC's Smart Innovative Factory Training System, SIF-400.

Students working with SMC's SIF-400 will get valuable industry insight and experience on technologies such as industrial and collaborative robots, autonomous robots and AGVs, smart sensors and conveyors, wireless networks, and robust management execution softwares for analyzing key system metric and performances.

SMC's Smart Innovative Factory, SIF-400, is the pinnacle of Industry 4.0 training for the future of the workforce.

The equipment and technologies students train on in the classroom, are the very same equipment and technologies being used currently by industry.

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All SMC International Training products are complete with all learning materials for successful implementation in the classroom and/or lab. All training systems include user manuals, activity guides, and access to wiring, electrical, and mechanical schematics, in addition to complete PLC programs and diagrams.

SMC curriculum is designed to meet you at your level, with as much hand-holding as necessary, and take you to our standard: industry.

Industry Driven

All SMC Training Systems are made up entirely of industrial components and systems.

As the global leader in such technologies, it is likely that the components your students use on our training systems will in fact be the same technologies and components they see when they enter the workforce.

Our reference is industry.

From Industry. For Industry.


SMC Training Systems and associated Curriculum are designed to be aligned with most industry-recognized credentials, including SMC's Industrial Certification Pathway for Industry 4.0, and all associated micro-credentials.

Our Skills-Driven approach to technical training means each course can be cross-walked and aligned with industry-validated micro-credentials.

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