Management Execution Software (MES)

Management Execution Software (MES)

mes computer copy

mes computer copy

Management Execution Software (MES)

MES User Login

MES User Login

Article Registration - New Pack

Article Registration - New Pack

Order Types

Order Types

Smart Factory Logical Layout Registration

Smart Factory Logical Layout Registration

Cyber-Physical System Status

Cyber-Physical System Status

Maintenance Alert

Maintenance Alert

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Performance Analytics - Production & Logistics

Performance Analytics - Production & Logistics

Performance Analytics - Energy & Air

Performance Analytics - Energy & Air

Tracking - SKU Pallet

Tracking - SKU Pallet

Model #sifMES-400

Management Execution Software (MES)

The flagship Management Execution System software from SMC brings Industry 4.0 technology and digital software to students’ fingertips.

This online and connected system gives real-time feedback and data from the physical system, allowing students to learn crucial Industry 4.0 technologies and concepts in a project-based, real-world, tangible way.

Users are able to control and manage the system, store and monitor all of the data regarding the manufacturing process, and gather valuable information pertaining to their orders. It is structured into four blocks: Management, Movements, Supervision and Administration.

General features:

  1. Access via Internet/LAN
  2. Multi-Platform
  3. Multi-User / Several roles

Pricing upon request

Product Documents

SMCtwin-400 Flyer

Software package

sifMES-400 is the powerful MES software tool that powers the SMC Smart Factory.

For more information on the SMC Smart Innovative Factory:



The users, once they have identified themselves, have certain permissions according to the role assigned to them: client, production, maintenance, quality, logistics, plant operator and instructor. The software allows the instructor to create users. Each user is assigned to one role. It is possible to create new roles. It is possible to choose for those new roles which information can be displayed and which buttons can be activated.


  • Physical Layout: It allows to define the physical layout and the order of the stations for two different PLC brands. The interface is drag and drop style.
  • Logical layout: it allows to create and save logical layouts of three different type of orders: MTS – make to stock orders, MTO – make to order and EO – expedition orders. The interface is drag and drop style. In the logical layout it is allowed OR and AND type logical functions.
  • System status: it allows to see the status of each station. It can monitor when a station is in use or in alarm and it is possible to know if the stations are connected, the work in progress and change the operation mode of the system.
  • Customer Management: it allows to create multiple customers and store them in a database.
  • Order Management: it allows to record customer orders and stock orders.
  • Manufacturing and expedition orders: it allows to create manufacturing orders where user can group different articles from different customer orders before launching them to production. When creating expedition orders, it is possible to check the warehouse status in real time.
  • Dispatcher: it allows to launch production of three different type of orders: MTS – make to stock orders, MTO – make to order and EO – expedition orders. It is possible to select the logical layout to be used during production of such orders.
  • Warehouse: it is possible to see the status and the content on each location in the warehouses of the system. It is possible to manage the warehouse with, at least, three different strategies. One of them is variable mode, one of them is according to the article to be stored in each location and another one according to the group of the products to be stored in each location.
  • Tracking: it allows to see the progress and the tracking of customer orders, manufacturing and expedition orders and products.
  • Maintenance management: It allows to arrange three different maintenance plans in some of the components of the system. One of them is corrective, one of them is preventive and another one is predictive. This last one takes into account, three technics of Machine Learning. It includes a virtual spare parts warehouse and simulated spare parts procurement capability.
  • Statistical Process Control: It is based in Sampling Number Statistical Method and generates two X-Bar graphics, one of them for the range of the measured points. It allows to establish upper rejection limit and lower rejection limits.
  • Performance Analytics: it includes a general dashboard with four sections of information: OEE, Energy consumption, Quality and Production. Entering in each section it is possible to monitor several Kpis about the topic in each section:
    • It is possible to estimate OEE in each station
    • It is possible to monitor electrical consumption per station
    • It is possible to monitor compressed air consumption for the full system.


Other features:

  • The software includes an API for interaction with third party software application.
  • It is provided an android app that is connected with management software thanks to the API. This app allows to register the signature of the customer when the product has been delivered. Such signature will be stored and displayed from the management software.

Learning Topics

  • eLearning
  • Industry 4.0

Grade/Skill Level

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College
  • University

Additional information



On-Demand, Skills-Based, Digital Twin, Industry-Validated, Interactive, Visual, 2D, 3D, Web-Based, Digitalization, Industry 4.0 Technology, Hands-On Training

The Most Powerful Management Execution System

SMC sifMES software allows users to access SMC's Industry 4.0 Smart Innovative Factory from anywhere in the world - place orders for highly customized products, track orders and shipments, analyze data in real time, create models for preventative and predictive maintenances, observe tolerances and energy consumption, optimize your physical systems, and create your own APIs!

SMC's MES software is the brains of your industry 4.0 training program.


Robust MES Software

This is the world's most capable, user-friendly & robust MES Software for Industry 4.0 Training. Learn more about features here!

Order Management

Place orders for more combinations of products than even imaginable, at any time from any where in the world!

Track Everything.

Track your Industry 4.0 skills development. Earn valuable industry-validated skills and micro-credentials via SMC's Industry 4.0 Specialist Pathway.

Place Orders

Students can place orders for single products, a pallet of products & groups of pallets of products.

Unlimited Options

The product can be an individual canister of colored pellets, or it can be a custom keychain, USB Drive, token, or another product from an outside tertiary supplier.

Task Management

Students will be tasked with tracking raw material, replacement parts, inventory, and both production and supply chain/logistics.


What sits at the core of Industry 4.0? What drives it forward? Why do we do what we do?

For us, it's the everyday consumer - the value that can be brought to our everyday lives through Industry 4.0. Think of your Nike Basketball Shoes that you can order with any and every imaginable option - tie-dye shoelaces, white leather, green rubber sole, Toolkit-green Nike Swoosh, and 'SMC' lettering stitched on the back - how nice it is to get exactly what you want, customized to you and only you, and with the convenience of tracking your order every step of the way from the moment you click "Buy Now"?

With SMC's MES Software, users can manage & track multiple customers, their orders, manufacturing orders and more from any web-enabled device.


SMC has taken the visualization and digitalization of Cyber-Physical Systems to a whole new level with the sifMES software and SIF-400 Smart Factory.

Students now have complete control over the Physical Layout & Logical Layout of the manufacturing process for multiple order types (including Make-To-Stock, Make-To-Order & Expedition).

The power of the system is paired with real-time monitoring so students can visualize a stations status and monitor work in progress.


The MES software, in combination with the physical and cyber-physical devices inform students far beyond "blind part replacement" as seen in previous manufacturing mindsets and preventative maintenance techniques to critically analyze and evaluate systems for optimal efficiencies or defects to avoid catastrophic shutdowns or failures.

With MES, students learn to produce better products with less defects & consumption of energy, more transparency to the consumer and manufacturer throughout the manufacturing process, and fewer automation issues along the way.

With the ability to 'create' disturbances in the system, students will get hands-on training in all types of maintenance procedures - corrective, preventative and predictive - that will prepare them for the connected manufacturing jobs Industry 4.0 has brought with it.


The true value of Industry 4.0 becomes apparent + realized in industry and companies across the globe when viewed through the lens of informed decision-making.

Users can share data in real-time; monitor historical data points, anomalies and outliers, and make better decisions around Preventative and Predictive Maintenance schedules, Inventory and Spare Part Management and More; and can actively participate in use of Industry 4.0 technologies to make automation more productive, efficient, sustainable, and powerful.

Use the historical and real-time data to create custom algorithms for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems to further increase productivity and efficiency.

Students using the SMC SIF-400 and sifMES software will be best suited for jobs of both the future and today with the industry-demanded skills in programming, analyzing, maintaining, and utilizing these highly advanced and complex technologies + systems.


Through SMC's open-source MES platform and cyber-physical solution for training purposes, no stone is left unturned. Training is designed to be tailor-made to your education institution's or industry's needs.

Meaning you can train and prepare students for the manufacturing environments of the future with no restrictions and unlimited potential.

With the ability to create custom APIs to serve various functions, needs, functions, users can create real-world solutions such as Delivery Notification mobile apps, artificial intelligence systems, and more.

The Delivery Confirmation app emulates a real-world application used by companies such as Amazon, UPS, USPS, FedEX, Door Dash, etc. to confirm product delivery.



Optimize your school and classroom resources with a Digital Twin software that completely and holistically recreates real, physical training systems (and industrial systems) in a 1-1 fashion virtually.


You'll be blown away with the amount of detail and consideration that went into creating the Digital Twins of each training system. Like designing sands on a beach, every component works, and is, the exact same as the physical industrial component sitting in front of you / being used in industry.


SMCtwin-400 is available as a web-based software so you can train, create models and programs, and modify systems any where, anytime.

Having trouble? Recreate your issues digitally and troubleshoot!


Recreate every technology in your training facility or classroom in this virtual environment, allowing multiple students to use and access training systems simultaneously. First do it digitally, then do it on the real system. They both will act the same.

A Global Manufacturing Leader

The World's Largest Manufacturer of Automation and Pneumatic Control Technologies for industrial companies brings its industrial know-how and innovation to technical training programs.

Every SMC training system features all industrial components commonly found in manufacturing settings across the globe, including SMC's industry-leading Directional Control equipment, Actuators, modular Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators, Air Preparation equipment, Fittings and Tubings, Flow Control equipment, Solenoid Valves, Digital Pressure Switches, and Electric equipment.

The equipment and technologies students train on in the classroom, are the very same equipment and technologies they will see and use in their future workplace(s).

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