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Robotic Concrete 3D Printing

Vertico Lab Printer copy

Vertico Lab Printer copy

Vertico Concrete 3D Prints

Vertico Concrete 3D Prints

Vertico Product Range 7th Axis

Vertico Product Range 7th Axis

Vertico Lab Scale

Vertico Lab Scale

Vertico with 7th Axis

Vertico with 7th Axis

Vertico Prints

Vertico Prints

3D print a house! Or a table, bench, or chair! Or perhaps a walking bridge or staircase! Introducing large-scale concrete 3d printing from TOOLKIT!

Toolkit is proud to be the exclusive education provider of large-scale Concrete 3D Printing for Training and Research. In partnership with the industrial leader and pioneer in the field, Vertico, we are thrilled to bring high schools, career centers, technical colleges and universities one of the most exciting new technologies for construction, automation and robotics.

Our system utilizes a high-precision industrial robot from ABB, equipped with state-of-the-art Concrete 3D Printing Technology, intuitive Control & Supervision Software, and Train-the-Trainer professional development.

We offer several models, including single and bicomponent printheads, small-scale lab printers and full-sized industrial systems capable of printing a house!

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Automated Construction and Concrete 3D Printing is the future, and Toolkit Technologies is proud to be the exclusive education provider of turn-key concrete 3D printing solutions for education, research and training.

Our end-to-end solution provides schools with all hardware, materials, software, and training to expose students to a world of building and making!

We allow designers and manufacturers to develop their project as an optimized and sustainable building system, thanks to advanced large-scale 3D printing technology. From design to production, we offer solutions that meet all construction customization and automation needs.

Collaborate between your Construction Classes, Robotics Classes, Industrial Maintenance or Mechatronics Classes, and your Architecture and Design Classes, and More!

True automation and advanced manufacturing is affecting all industries, and robotics is no longer siloed and exclusively found in manufacturing – our Concrete 3D Printing Solution allows students from various and multiple programs to collaborate together and design, test, experiment and create! Together!

Empower your students with hands-on experience in cutting-edge automated construction technology using the Vertico Concrete 3D Printer. Our innovative toolkit is designed to revolutionize the way students learn about and engage with real-world construction processes, preparing them for the forefront of the industry.

Unleash Creativity:

The Vertico Concrete 3D Printer Toolkit transforms traditional construction education into an immersive experience. Students can now bring their architectural visions to life with the precision and efficiency of 3D printing technology.

Practical Skill-Building:

Equip your students with the skills demanded by the future job market. Through interactive projects and workshops, they’ll gain expertise in operating, maintaining, and innovating with advanced automated construction tools.

Connect to Industry Trends:

Stay ahead of the curve by exposing students to the latest trends in construction automation. The Vertico Concrete 3D Printer Toolkit provides a tangible link between classroom learning and the technologies shaping the future of construction.

Educational Excellence:

Our toolkit integrates seamlessly into your curriculum, enhancing learning outcomes and fostering a deeper understanding of architectural and construction principles. Students will bridge theory and practice in an inspiring way.

Innovative Learning:

Break free from traditional teaching methods. The Vertico Concrete 3D Printer from Toolkit engages students through hands-on experimentation, encouraging them to explore, innovate, and develop a passion for the possibilities of automated construction.

Empowering Educators:

Our toolkit empowers educators to facilitate impactful lessons, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and critical thinking. Elevate your teaching with a tool that’s as dynamic as your educational vision.

Real-World Applications:

From designing sustainable structures to addressing housing challenges, Toolkit Technologies’ Vertico Concrete 3D Printer exposes students to real-world problems that can be solved through innovative construction methods.

Prepare your students for a future where construction and technology converge. With the Vertico Concrete 3D Printer, education becomes a transformative journey that equips them to shape the world of tomorrow. Embrace the revolution – the future of construction education starts here.

Contact us to learn more and bring the Vertico Concrete 3D Printer to your educational institution. Together, let’s build the foundations of tomorrow, today.


Relevant Subjects

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Industry 4.0
  • Robotics

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • Technical College
  • University

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Additive Manufacturing, Construction 4.0, Construction Automation Training, Robotics and Construction, Intuitive Software and Programming, Professional Development, Materials Research, Large-Scale 3D Printing

Vertico 3D Printing

Concrete 3D Printing for the Classroom

Toolkit is proud to be the nation's only provider of Concrete 3D Printing training solutions for career centers, technical education programs, technical colleges, and universities.

Utilizing an industrial 6-axis robot for high precision and accuracy, one-of-a-kind concrete extrusion printhead, best-in-class software package, and train-the-trainer professional development package, our training solution is bound to prepare your students for the future of automation and construction.

Let Students Print the Future

TOOLKIT Technologies' Concrete 3D Printing training solution brings cutting-edge industrial technologies to your students' fingertips.

Have students Hypothesize, Create, and Test designs - from walls to entire structures; pieces of furniture to garden retaining walls, underwater reefs to pedestrian walking bridges - the possibilities are endless!

Accelerated Printhead

The Accelerator Printhead Solution boasts a very high mixing quality. The deformations often seen with other solutions are a thing of the past. Blockages of the accelerator inlet are minimized if not eliminated with the pulsation free injection.

Another remarkable upgrade is in the cleaning: with removable counter pins and a patented lining solution, the printhead is close to self-cleaning with minimal disassembly required.

The solution also comes with a 1K printhead for standard concrete printing, and the quick-change device makes the switch easy.

The full solution features multiple in-line pressure and temperature sensors and also measures air humidity, accelerant flow rate, motor torque and much more. All this information is monitored live in order to take timely action. This way you can keep track of your print in real time.


Materials Engineering and Sustainability

Unlike other solutions out there that use proprietary, secretive and expensive print materialsm, our "Concrete" 3D Printing Solution is printable-material agnostic.

Our bi-component systems can extrude a variety of materials - Print using our standard mixture of concrete and admixtures, or develop your own to fit the needs of your project.

In addition to our own, validated materials, there are various mortars, including cement concrete, earth-based materials, plaster and geopolymers.



The Industry 4.0 Platform for Construction

Industry 4.0 technologies and concepts apply to more industries than simply manufacturing - Construction is a prime example of an industry primed for the benefits of digitalization, smart sensors, and data analytics.

All Data can be visualized in real-time during the printing session.

This allows the operator to precisely control the admixture and know how to react in case of a problem, as well as make more informed and better decisions in the future.

Centralzed Control

For an industrial setting reliability and control are essential. In addition to the many features and high quality, the full system can be controlled by a centralized touch-screen Human Machine Interface (HMI). This user-friendly system, in combination with the monitoring, incorporates all of Vertico’s printing experience. From a startup procedure checklist, to direct setting changes, warnings and monitoring all in one place.

The whole 3D printing system is equipped with sensors.  Data is gathered into one web interface, allowing control, supervision and data logging for further analysis.

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Our extensive training on software, printing preparation, printing maintenance, design, and toolpath generation is the first of its kind; and ensures successful classroom implementation.

Be the leader at your school; in your community; and in this exciting new field of Construction and Automation!


With its ability to rapidly form complex shapes, 3D printing has the potential to transform the way buildings are produced, the way people live, meet & gather, and the way we inhabit this world in which we live.

Concrete 3D Printing is destined to reshape the planet we live on, the planets we strive to touch, and the communities of both.



vertico concrete 7th axis

The Impact of Automation in Construction

In the United States, productivity in construction has barely changed at all since the 1940s.

Meanwhile, productivity in manufacturing has increased by more than a factor of eight!

And productivity in agriculture has increased by more than a factor of 16.

These two industries have welcomed and embraced automation, whereas construction automation has been siloed.

Meaningful investment of automation technologies and processes in constructions can and will impact:

  1. Productivity and Quality
  2. Wages of Construction Workers
  3. Environmental Sustainability
  4. Global Housing Crises
  5. Global Workforce Shortages

Training for the NOW

Concrete 3D Printing may seem like the technology of the future, but it's here now and its impact can be profound.

Let's start training the future of construction professionals, architects, designers, roboticists, engineers, and industrial maintenance technicians now, together.


Effective education is not be solely focused on technical skills, nor is it solely focused on creativity. Instead, it marries the two sides of one's brain for goal-oriented and project-based learning.

With TOOLKIT's Concrete 3D Printing solution for education, students can co-collaborate between programs with incredible, tangible results!


Does it get more exciting than additive manufacturing? Or Robotics? Or building something from nothing? Or perhaps working as a team to accomplish and build something remarkable?

Concrete 3D Printing provides schools and training centers exactly that - the ability to excite students for their future careers through real-world, industry-driven skills.

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