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Massive Dimension 3D Printer with ABB GoFa Cobot

ABB Cobot 3D Printer

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ABB Collaborative Robot 3D Printing

Cobot 3D Printing

Cobot 3D Printing Workcell for Education

Cobot FDM 3D Printing with ABB

Robotic 3D Printing Cobot

Have you ever wanted to print BIGGER with your classroom 3D printer? Or have you wanted to explore the capabilities of your industrial and collaborative robots?

We are proud to introduce the MDAC1 3D Printing System for Education, the first of its kind classroom robotic 3D printer!

The Collaborative Robot 3D Printing system features a GoFa CRB 15000 cobot and pioneering FDM 3D printing technology from Massive Dimension for unparalleled capabilities and excitement.

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This 3D printing cell is a powerful solution that uses the ABB GoFa and Massive Dimension’s filament extruder. This solution is ideal for colleges and universities as it includes comprehensive course materials and globally recognized STEM certification.

Six-axis printing, simplified

This cell is designed with ease of use in mind, eliminating barriers for users looking to move into the future of fused deposition modeling with six-axis motion*. In a compact, lightweight package, the printing cell is easy to transport and deploy and can run on single-phase, low-voltage electrical supplies.

ABB’s printing software for RobotStudio (which is donated to schools) enables users to go from CAD model to toolpath in thirty minutes or less.

A robot that is strong, yet safe

The GoFa CRB 15000 robot from ABB is designed to handle payloads up to 5kg. It has integrated torque sensors in each of its six joints, offering superior power and force-limiting performance. Together, these bring GoFa to an immediate stop if it senses any contact with an object, and making it perfect for educational settings and environments.

Easy set-up and Operation

Set-up and configuration is easy with intuitive, graphical Apps directly on the FlexPendant. With the 3D Printing Powerpac add-in for RobotStudio, converting print files from your preferred slicer into RAPID modules is simple and straightforward.


Compact and mobile

The entire MDAC1 assembly is built on an industrial strength protective frame with an integrated heated build plate and can be easily mounted on a tabletop or cart. Rugged leveling feet ensure that you can place it where you want it and get to production.

Key Features

Filament Extruder – The filament extruder on the MDAC1 is compatible
with any 1.75mm filament and can be configured with nozzle sizes from 0.4mm to 1.2mm. Nozzle changes are quick and easy, as is switching materials. The extruder is direct-drive, eliminating troublesome jams more common with Bowden configurations.

Massive Build Volume – The MDAC1 allows you to break into the world of large-format printing with a 21.5in x 21.5in x 20in
build volume.


Go far beyond XYZ

Thanks to the additional degrees of freedom granted by a six-axis robot, the MDAC1 allows slicing strategies beyond the traditional horizontal deposition of gantry-based printers. Explore non- planar, multi-planar, and angled printing as solutions to the limitations of conventional printing, such as unsupported overhangs, or to improve surface finish and mechanical strength.

Standard Equipment

• ABB GoFa CRB 15000
• Massive Dimension Process Cabinet
• Massive Dimension Filament Extruder
• All-Metal Hot End
• Heated Build Surface
• 1 kg spool of PLA Filament
• 100 free RobotStudio licenses

Additional Options Available for Purchase

• Curriculum materials and globally recognized STEM certification for teachers/students
• Safety panels
• 1yr Adaxis 6-axis slicing software


Relevant Subjects

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • STEM

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • Technical College
  • University

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Product Documents

There is no better offline robot simulator than ABB’s RobotStudio software.


ABB Industrial and Collaborative Robots can also be used on SMC’s RTS-200 Training System for application training in topics like Industrial Maintenance, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing, and more:


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A Leader In






A Global Leader

With more than 400,000 robots installed in over 53 countries including more than 50,000 robots operating in North America alone, ABB is the largest automation system provider to the automotive and manufacturing industries.

ABB Robotics prides itself on Quality, Ease-of-Use, Efficiency and best-in-class Software Packages such as ABB RobotStudio.

There is no more qualified robot provider than ABB for both industry and education.

Train on the real thing.


Award Winning Simulation Software

ABB's RobotStudio Software is not only in invaluable tool for industrial companies using robots, but also for schools looking for cost-effective ways to implement industrial robotics training in the classroom.

The best part of RobotStudio is that it is entirely free for schools!

Our ABB RobotStudio digital twin emulator is a simulation and offline programming software that allows robot programming to be done on a PC without the immediate need of a physical robot. This allows better training, robot programming, optimization and automation simulations to be done without the need for large quantities of robots in the classroom, as well as limits the risk of damaging physical equipment.

Robot Programming via Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality

ABB solutions do not end at the hardware, nor do they end at the programming software. ABB and TOOLKIT are proud to bring schools best-in-class training robots, offline simulation software via RobotStudio, and training tools via Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Student engagement has never been higher, and robot training has never been more exciting.

Robot Studio Feature Section

ABB RobotStudio's Virtual Programming and Virtual Commissioning solutions speed up training and commissioning of robot cells by providing an exact replica of the physical systems in a virtual, easily accessed software package.

Students can program ABB's full catalog of industrial and collaborative robots in RobotStudio, and can debug robot programs, and verify and test robot programs.

RobotStudio allows users to connect PLCs and other external devices to fully test the logic and safety of robot cells before physical programming and installation.

Robot Training in Mixed Reality

ABB solutions do not end at the hardware, nor do they end at the programming software. ABB and TOOLKIT are proud to bring schools best-in-class training robots, offline simulation software via RobotStudio, and training tools via Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Student engagement has never been higher, and robot training has never been more exciting.


Curriculum & Training Resources

All ABB Robotic Training Solutions include Curriculum, User Manuals, Practice Guides, Simulation Software and AR/VR Capabilities.

All of these resources are meant to ensure your robot gets used as much as our robots do in industry. We want our robot training systems to be used daily; not sit in a corner and collect dust.

Industry Driven

As a global leader in Automation and Robotics, we are proud to bring ABB industrial robots and training solutions to the classroom so that students can train on the very same systems they'll see in the workforce.

ABB brings next-level automation and robotics solutions to industry and classrooms with safe, easy-to-use, and engaging technologies.

Industry Certification

ABB and SMC training solutions are designed to be aligned with most industry-recognized credentials, including SMC's Industry 4.0 Specialist Certification Pathway, ABB SMART Certification, and all associated micro-credentials.

Take your Train-the-Trainer class today!

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