Model #RTS-100

Universal Robot Suitcase Robot Training System

SMC UR Suitcase Training System


RTS-101 Suitcase

RTS-101 Suitcase

SMC UR Suitcase Stored

SMC RTS-101 Suitcase Robot Stored

SMC UR Suitcase Robot Storage

RTS-101 Suitcase Foam Storage

RTS-101 Storage

RTS-101 Storage

RTS-101 Gripper Installed

RTS-101 Gripper Installed

Toolkit Technologies is proud to bring this one-of-a-kind Robot Training Platform to schools for real world robot training!

The RTS-100 combines the modularity and industrial training capabilities of our RTS-200 Robot Training Cart with the advantages of a portable and compact, rugged suitcase form factor. This allows for easy and safe transport to remote training locations, satellite campuses, recruiting events and more. Additionally, the rugged and compact storage case allows for your robot training systems to be easily stored when not in use. Classrooms limited on space particularly enjoy the compact footprint of the RTS-100.

Toolkit’s Portable Robot Training System includes the controller, workpieces, training activities, curriculum, and all required components for successful robotics training. Foam inserts allow for safe and organized storage for all components and workpieces.

The RTS-100 is a great choice for providing industrial training activities around the Universal Robot UR3e, while giving you the flexibility and redeployment advantages of a mobile and portable training system.  Reach out for alternative robot options such as Mecademic, uFactory, and more!

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Toolkit is proud to bring this one-of-a-kind Robot Training Platform to schools for real world robot training!

The RTS-100 Suitcase Robot Training System is the world’s only industrial robot training system found in a suitcase. Allowing schools to take their robot training system on the road with them, to remote campuses and training locations, or to recruiting events!

Additionally, due to the RTS-100’s compact size, the training system can be easily stored and put away when not in use. This is a valuable tool for schools and classrooms that are limited on space.

Robot Training System Design

The Portable Suitcase Training System includes a work surface and training material. Additionally, SMC’s RTS-200 training applications are compatible with the RTS-100, making advanced robot applications, programming activities, and troubleshooting possible in a compact footprint.

Foam cutouts provide easy and safe storage of all robot components, gripper, workpieces, teach pendant and more.

  • Rugged Transport and Storage Suitcase
  • Integrated Universal Robot UR3e Robot Arm
  • Integrated Robot Controller
  • Integrated Teach Pendant Storage
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Choice of Robot Gripper with integrated storage
  • Compact Work Surface and Training Application
  • Pen Holster and Robot Drawing Application

Relevant Subjects

  • Manufacturing
  • Robotics

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College

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Product Documents

SMC RTS-100 Flyer

Various Software Packages Exist Depending on Your Choice of Robot

UR Academy and Offline Simulator

ABB RobotStudio



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From Industry + For Industry = Real Industry Training

Our Robot Training Systems feature real-world training applications that give students context around the skills they are developing, and that emulate real-world industrial processes.

Order Entry and Fulfillment through a robot interface and a combination of pneumatics, sensors, gravity feed, and more.

Robot Training Add-Ons

The SMC RTS-200 Robot Training System is a one-of-a-kind robot training platform that centers student learning around the industry-use cases of industrial robots.

How do companies like Intel, Honda, Dell, Apple, Boeing, SpaceX, and Tesla use collaborative robots?

The RTS-200 brings these applications and use-cases to life through real-world training exercises and project-based learning activities. Students are able to learn real robotics skills through engaging learning activities that result in better industry-driven training.

A Robot Training System for Industy Training

Ask Us About Our Custom Robot Integrations

SMC Automation Corporation
From industry to education

A Global Manufacturing Leader

The World's Largest Manufacturer of Automation and Pneumatic Control Technologies for industrial companies brings its industrial know-how and innovation to technical training programs.

Every SMC training system features all industrial components commonly found in manufacturing settings across the globe, including SMC's industry-leading Directional Control equipment, Actuators, modular Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators, Air Preparation equipment, Fittings and Tubings, Flow Control equipment, Solenoid Valves, Digital Pressure Switches, and Electric equipment.

The equipment and technologies students train on in the classroom, are the very same equipment and technologies they will see and use in their future workplace(s).

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SMC Skills Gap

Our SMC Training Systems are designed around SKILLS.

The skills needed by students, technicians, and engineers to be successful in industry today;

The skills for a changing workforce and rapidly evolving industrial future; and,

The skills to create the future leaders of industry.

SMC Training Systems are focused on critical thinking skills and technical mastery of technologies and concepts - our goal is NOT to train students on how to follow instructions; but rather how to empower oneself with the tools (technical aptitude) to be successful in the career of their choosing.


SMC's Technology Trainers are built upon the principle that a solid foundation is paramount to creating students with technical expertise in their field, regardless of how advanced it may be.

SMC Technology Trainers are best-in-class modular training platforms that are complete with step-by-step curriculum and user manuals, simulation tools, and engaging digital solutions to further expand student understanding.

  • Basic Electrical Trainers - AC, DC, and Solid State
  • Pneumatics and Electro-Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics and Electro-Hydraulics
  • Mechanical Drives
  • Programmable Logic Controllers and Human Machine Interfaces
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Industrial (Motor) Controls
  • Process Control
  • Sensors and Smart Sensors
  • Vacuum Technology

Award Winning Simulation Software - autoSIM-200

SMC's autoSIM-200 software is the best turn-key software package for designing, viewing, simulating, monitoring and controlling Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electrical, and Electronic Circuits.

autoSIM-200 is a one-for-one complement of SMC's hands-on training systems, allowing students to train by wiring circuits and programming systems virtually before applying them to the physical system.

The 2D and 3D packages allow for students to complete actual lab activities and curriculum exercises in the virtual simulator before completing them on the hands-on training equipment.

Comprehensive eLearning

Our engaging and interactive, web-based eLearning represents a major achievement of providing students "hands-on" training access in a virtual environment.

All major areas of Automation are taught in easy-to-digest bite-sized nuggets broken up into different topics such as Alternating Currents, Direct Currents, Solid State Devices, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Robotics, PLCs, Sensors, Process Control and More!

Looking for Soft Skills eLearning, Trades-focused eLearning, Measurement, Tools, etc? Just Ask!

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All SMC International Training products are complete with all learning materials for successful implementation in the classroom and/or lab. All training systems include user manuals, activity guides, and access to wiring, electrical, and mechanical schematics, in addition to complete PLC programs and diagrams.

SMC curriculum is designed to meet you at your level, with as much hand-holding as necessary, and take you to our standard: industry.

Industry Driven

All SMC Training Systems are made up entirely of industrial components and systems.

As the global leader in such technologies, it is likely that the components your students use on our training systems will in fact be the same technologies and components they see when they enter the workforce.

Our reference is industry.

From Industry. For Industry.


SMC Training Systems and associated Curriculum are designed to be aligned with most industry-recognized credentials, including SMC's Industry 4.0 Specialist Certification Pathway, and all associated micro-credentials.

Our Skills-Driven approach to technical training means each course can be cross-walked and aligned with industry-validated micro-credentials.