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ConsuLab EM-140S Engine Diagnostics Training Syste

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ConsuLab EM-140S Consulink Engine with AC and Start Stop

ConsuLink Chevy Engine Trainer EM-140S

ConsuLab EM-140S Consulink Engine with AC and Start Stop

EM-140S ConsuLab Engine Bench with Chevy Cruz

ConsuLab EM-140S Consulink Engine with AC and Start Stop

ConsuLink Touch Screen Learning Platform

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ConsuLab Engine Benches with ASE Alignment

ConsuLab EM-140S Consulink Engine with AC and Start Stop

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Automotive Engine Trainers for ASE Certifications

Model #EM-140S-GM06A_053338

Automotive Engine Trainer, Chevy Cruz 1.4L with Start/Stop + HVAC

The Engine Training Bench with Chevy Cruze 1.4-liter with Gasoline Direction Injection, Start/Stop technology, and A/C is ConsuLab’s first engine bench to ever have 2 pedals (brake and accelerator)!

It has two pedals so you can do stall tests and load the engine – you can perform a basic “road test” within your classroom going up to 20mph which allows STOP/START to function!

This automotive Engine Trainer also includes the new ConsuLink™ student learning platform that allows students and instructors to incorporate engine faults and case studies for immersive training in advanced drivability, diagnostics, engine performance and HVAC (air conditioning).

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GM 1.4L Engine Trainer with AC & Stop/Start Technology


Educational Advantages:

• A self-contained total training package providing everything needed for engine diagnostics. Aligns with ASE Education Foundation and Red Seal tasks addressing electrical & engine performance
• Over 39 student activities with instructor guides, case studies, fault insertion, diagrams, and built in system schematics to guide the students and the instructor that saves many hours of organization and preparation by instructors


• Perform a basic “road test” in your classroom and demonstrate the STOP/START and engine auto-stop features. By attaining all the enabled criteria you can force the engine to auto-stop at a “red light/stop sign”. You can then demonstrate all the different disable criteria that turns the system off.

• Stall test can be performed by depressing both accelerator and brake pedals simultaneously, this can be used to demonstrate loading the engine and for misfire detection


• Equipped with OEM HVAC system and dash controls

TouchScreen Student Learning Tablet

• Tablet-based ConsuLink™ (Patent Pending) Student Learning Platform designed to enhance student engagement

OEM InstrumentPanel

  • Includes all indicator lights
  • ECM Break Out Box matching OEM circuit pin identification with 2mm test receptacles
  • Engine systems respond to inserted faults with real world symptoms, OEM DTC’s, scan tool datastream PID changes and check engine light operation
  • A DLC (datalink connector) Break Out Box specifically designed for use in educational environments with robust 2mm test pins and LED indicators for all 16 pins of a standard OBDII DLC

Learning Topics

  • A8 - Engine Performance
  • Automotive Technology

Grade/Skill Level

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College
  • University

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All ConsuLab products begin as OEM components found in industry. Our team of experts adapt them for educational purposes by making them safer, more visible, and more classroom/training friendly. This includes adding troubleshooting fault boxes where possible so students are learning important diagnostic skills from the very beginning.

This philosophy helps students rapidly develop exceptional critical thinking skills, troubleshooting skills, and industry relevant automotive knowledge for their future careers.

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Ask your TOOLKIT representative if the ConsuLab training system you are interested in includes ELECTUDE eLearning.

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