Toolkit is proud to offer schools the very best Electrical Training Systems available for students to build their understanding and mastery of electrical technologies. The building blocks for careers in multiple pathways, electrical technologies are the important foundational learning blocks for students as they begin their studies.

Mastering electrical skills will lead to successful careers in fields such as Advanced Manufacturing, Skilled Trades, Mechatronics, HVAC, Alternative Energy, and Automotive Technologies, and more.

Electrical Skills

Students must learn basic concepts of electricity and electrical measurements. They must be able to analyze circuits, troubleshoot circuits, and understand differences between Alternating Currents (AC) and Direct Currents (DC). Learners will be expected to understand basic topics including inductance, capacitance, combination circuits, and transformers, along with series and parallel circuits.

Learners will be expected to wire industrial devices while also understanding electrical safety.

Job Outlook

Most jobs in CTE require a strong foundation in electrical technologies and concepts. From electricians to technicians, jobs in the electrical field are growing in need and pay. As technologies and systems grow more complex and advanced, the demand for increased training in electrical technologies is also growing.

Toolkit’s hands-on training systems combined with digital simulation solutions and eLearning provides students with needed industry-validated skills and certifications.


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  • SMC Suitcase Conveyor Training Application

    With the SMC PLC Training Applications, students can apply their programming, troubleshooting, and automation skills with real-world, industry-applicable training scenarios.

    The Suitcase Conveyor Application allows students to connect the mobile trainer to an external PLC or the SMC PLC Training System (PCT-200) for expanded training opportunities and skills-development.

    The conveyor and integrated sensors allow for students to program the PLC to sort and distribute workpieces and parts in an engaging and project-based learning approach.



  • SMC Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Training System

    Take your automation training to the next level with SMC’s Hands-on PLC Training System. With a mobile hard-shell suitcase, this versatile and expandable solution provides the perfect environment to learn about programmable controllers, digital I/O, analog I/O and human machine interfaces (HMIs).

    Plus, with two external connection blocks, you can connect any external I/O devices directly to the controller. Get the most out of your training today with SMC’s PLC Training System!