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Dec. 10, 23

Webinars for Building an Electric Vehicle Training Program

Toolkit Technologies and ConsuLab Webinars for Building EV Programs About Toolkit Technologies: Toolkit Technologies is a proud distributor of hands-on […]

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Sep. 07, 23

Navigating Ohio Super RAPIDS and How to Make each Dollar Matter

Toolkit Technologies’ team of experts in manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Ai, Automotive, and Construction are here to help you navigate the Ohio Super RAPIDS RFP process and bring you the world’s most state of the art industrial training labs.

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Jan. 28, 22

Does Your Automotive Program Include EV Training? If Not, You’re Falling Behind.

With the constant and remarkable changes happening in front of our very eyes within the automotive and electric vehicle markets, how do we know our students are well-prepared for an electric vehicle future?

Automotive classrooms 10 years ago looked a lot different than they did 30 years before; and automotive classroom today should look a lot different than they did 5 years ago.

Is your school preparing students for the cars of the future and present?

Let’s take a dive into the role of EVs in the market today, and how we can prepare students for these electric and hybrid vehicle technologies.

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Jul. 07, 21

Electric Vehicles and Grants

As teachers return back to school, some are still looking ahead at the 2022-2023 school and putting the final touches […]

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