Webinars for Building an Electric Vehicle Training Program

Toolkit Technologies and ConsuLab Webinars for Building EV Programs

About Toolkit Technologies: Toolkit Technologies is a proud distributor of hands-on training systems, curriculum, and digital learning tools for both education and industry. We are singularly focused on building our communities through Career and Technical Education and empowering individuals through industry-driven skills development.

About ConsuLab: ConsuLab is the leading transportation and on-vehicle training provider in North America. ConsuLab builds intuitive training solutions for Automotive Technologies, Heavy Truck and Diesel, and Electric Vehicle Training Programs, and is proud to offer long-term support for every product sold.

EV Webinars

Together, ConsuLab and Toolkit Technologies have partnered to bring world-class training systems and expertise to the transformative technologies being implemented in industry today. Below are a series of recorded webinars that ConsuLab has released regarding how to incorporate some of these technologies and concepts into your schools and classrooms:

Next EV Webinar: Safety and Systems (Dec. 6, 2023) – keeping you and your students safe with EVs. On Wednesday, Dec. 6, our expert team will look at the latest OEM safety protocols, PPE guidelines, and effective teaching strategies to ensure both instructor and student are safe when learning about high-voltage systems. 

Getting Started with EV Curriculum (Nov. 8, 2023) – This webinar is to prepare you for the necessary foundations for EV curriculum development and teaching about electric vehicles in your classroom. We will look at different aspects of electric vehicle foundations from electrical systems to mechanical systems to some fundamentals and theories with thermodynamics and electromagnetism and energy storage systems. 

Integration of Electric Vehicles Into Your Classroom (Oct. 11, 2023) – Are you unsure where to begin with EVs? Do you want to begin integrating electric vehicles into your classroom? This webinar covers specific topics you may be seeking guidance on as you consider integrating electric vehicles into your transportation programs. Designed to help to all trades of the transportation industry, this seminar assists educators in effectively incorporating electric vehicle education into their teaching curriculum.

Reach out if there is anything we can help with or if you’re starting an EV program – or implementing EV technologies into your existing automotive programs.