Model #LOTO-101

Lock-Out Tag-Out Training System

Lock Out Tag Out Training System


Lock Out Tag Out


The Innotek Lockout-Tagout Training system provides learners with hardware allowing for demonstration and assessment of LOTO procedures. Lock-Out Tag-Out trainer puts students in the front seat of proper safety procedures in industrial workplaces.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), lock-out/tag-out is one of the Top 10 “”Most Serious Violations”” and “”Most Often Cited Violations”” in industrial workplaces. LOTO must be taken seriously, as lives could be at stake. Workers maintaining equipment can be seriously injured from the unexpected energization of, release of stored energy from, or startup of equipment.

Proper Lock-Out Tag-Out procedures establish standards for the shutdown of equipment, so that energy sources can be isolated to prevent the release of potentially-hazardous energy during routine maintenance activities. Following proper LOTO procedures helps workers to avoid preventable workplace accidents and injuries.

The LOTO-101 training system is a functional system and operates a pump/tank circuit with various power sources and valves for multiple training scenarios. All required safety devices are included with the system for both electrical and mechanical devices.


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The LOTO-101 Training System features all required hands-on components for learning of safe operating procedures in industrial environments.

The system includes hands-on operation for students to perform safe LOTO procedures related to Circuit Breaker Lockout, Wall Switch Lockout, Electrical Disconnect Lockout, Cord Lockout, Valve Lockout, and Pneumatic Source Lockout.


(1) GFCI Power Cord

(1) Load Center with Breakers

(1) Electrical Disconnect

(1) Twist to Connect Cord Plug

(1) 120 Vac Cord Plug

(1) Single Pole Wall Switch

(1) Pneumatic Regulator & Shut-off

(1) Manual Ball Valves

(2) Gate Valve

(1) Pneumatic Control Valve

(1) Water Reservoir

Relevant Subjects

  • Electrical
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical
  • Process Control

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • Technical College

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