Model #TK-AJT-100A

Gas Turbine Mini Jet Engine Training System

Jet Engine Fundamentals Training System

Mini Jet Engine Training System

Jet Engine Turbine LCD Screen

Jet Engine Turbine LCD Screen

Our Gas Turbine Mini Jet Engine Training Set is used to analyze working principles of computer-controlled gas turbine engine and fluid mechanics. 

The Jet Engine Training System is designed to allow students to explore and examine specific thrust, fuel consumption and air/fuel ratio of gas turbine jet engines and open cyclic operating principles. It is comprised of a single shaft gas turbine, fuel system, starter, ignition system, measurement and control equipment. 

The single shaft gas turbine includes radial compressor, axial gas turbine, circular combustion chamber and nozzle. 

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General Features

  • Movable Platform 
  • Starter Engine 
  • Ignition Plug 
  • Fuel Tank 
  • Fuel Pump 
  • Fuel Filter 
  • Fuel Valve 

Indicator LCD

  • RPM Gauge 
  • P2, P3, T1, T2, T3, T5 Gauges 
  • Thrust Gauge 
  • Fuel Flow Gauge 
  • Caution Panel 

Gas Turbine

  • Max RPM : 125.000 
  • Idle RPM : 33.000 
  • Fuel Consumption : 35 – 50 L/h 
  • EGT : 0 – 700°C 



  • Thrust Sensor (0-500 Newton) 
  • P2 Pressure Sensor 
  • P3 Pressure Sensor 
  • T1 Temp.Sensor 
  • T2 Temp Sensor 
  • T3 Temp Sensor 
  • T5 Temp Sensor 
  • Fuel Flow Sensor 

Control Panel 

  • Master Switch 
  • Master Lamp 
  • Trim Switch 
  • Engine Start Switch 
  • Automatic Stop Switch 
  • Emergency Stop Switch 
  • Beacon Switch 
  • Computer ON/OFF



Relevant Subjects

  • Aviation
  • Aviation Maintenance Training

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • Technical College

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