The Industrial Automation Podcasts We Listen To

Oct. 28, 22

Podcasts have never been more in-style. How incredible is it that in just a few short years, you can now find a podcast on virtually any topic or subject? From cooking to art, to serial killers, mystery, politics, health and beyond. Learning and being surrounded by like-minded communities has never been easier.

What are Podcasts?

Podcast are series of audio libraries that cover specific topics. As mentioned, you can listen to podcasts ranging in subject from things like Pop Culture and hosted by famous actors (ie “Smartless”) to Podcasts about Urban Legends hosted by interested individuals out of their own home. Podcasts are now a popular medium to share/attain information and knowledge throughout your normal day.

Why Listen to Podcasts?

People listen to podcasts for countless reasons. Here are some of the most popular reasons, but it varies from person to person.

  1. Knowledge – learn invaluable content otherwise unattainable or difficult to find
  2. Trends – what is happening today and now around the world
  3. Personal Experience – hear the human impact of these topics
  4. Accessibilitylisten and learn anywhere, anytime!
  5. Unique Perspectives – different people have different experiences and podcasts can shed light on these experiences

Automation Podcasts We Like

(1) Automation Podcast: Omron

Operation Automation is hosted by Omron, a major industrial automation company that provides wide-ranging automation products and solutions in various fields including robotics and mobile robotics.

In this podcast, Omron Automation provides all the topics related to factory automation. The host of this channel has 25 years of experience in industrial automation.

(2) The Automation Podcast: The Automation Blog

The Automation Podcast is hosted by The Automation Blog and it is a website purely based on industrial automation. sharing knowledge related to PLC, HMI, and many more topics.

The Automation Podcast covers industrial automation products and solutions. This Podcast shares product reviews and innovations done by different companies in the automation field.

(3) Intellic Podcast: Walker Reynolds

Intellic Podcast by Walker Reynolds is a must. Reynolds is a well-connected and highly knowledgable in Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation.

Walker Reynolds is running a company called Intellic Integration and running a YouTube channel called 4.0 solution.

(4) Manufacturing Hub Podcast: Vlad Romanov & Dave Griffith

Manufacturing Hub is hosted by Vlad Romanov & Dave Griffith and they both are connected to industrial automation.

In the Manufacturing Hub Podcast, Vlad and Dave discuss manufacturing news, insights, industrial opportunities, and cutting-edge technologies. The goal of Manufacturing Hub is to provide insight into industrial automation and manufacturing, and to inform, educate, and inspire leaders and workers in manufacturing, automation, and related fields.

(5) Talking Industrial Automation: CSIA

Talking Industrial Automation is hosted by CSIA, also known as the Control System Integrators Association.

CSIA helps members improve their business skills, provides a forum to share industry expertise, and promotes the benefits of hiring a certified control system integrator.

In The Talking Industrial Automation Podcast, CSIA shares the knowledge and experience of the person who makes modern manufacturing and processing possible. The Talking Industrial Automation Podcast is great at providing information related to Integration technology and its trends and challenges.

(6) Automation Podcast: Rajvir Singh

Automation Podcast is hosted by Rajvir Singh, who is the founder of Code and Compiles.

Singh has incredible guests and interviews Industrial Automation experts from around the world who share their experiences from industry. This is a very informative podcast for students or passionate people in the area of Industrial Automation, or those interested in entering the field of advanced manufacturing.

More to Come!

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