SMC Sets Sights on U.S. Technical Education

In 2021, SMC Corp, the global leader in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation technology, committed its largest investment in U.S. Technical Education.

Recognizing the critical role that education plays in ensuring that workers have the competencies necessary to use advanced manufacturing and automation technology in industry, SMC unveiled its next generation of technical training systems – the same systems used by industries across the globe, now with an even greater focus on technical education.
In addition, the global behemoth collaborated with top U.S. instructors to develop engaging, industry-relevant curriculum and established a partnership with Toolkit Technologies to work directly with education institutions to tailor each solution to the institution and local industry’s unique needs.

As the world’s most adopted industry automation manufacturer, SMC does not focus on selling the most training systems, as one might see with an education company whose sole business is to sell training products. Instead, SMC is focused on outcomes, ensuring the workers of tomorrow are truly proficient in today’s industry technologies.
SMC has also partnered with globally recognized certifying bodies to provide equipment-agnostic competency certifications to help streamline the path from the classroom to industry.