OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)


OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)
OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)
OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)
OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)
OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)
OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)
OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)
OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)
OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)
OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)

Model #103903

OnRobot Eyes (Robot Vision)



OnRobot’s Eyes, a robot camera solution, makes it easy and affordable to deploy vision for almost any collaborative application. Eyes is ideal for sorting a variety of objects, CNC machine tending with metal parts that are defined by outer shape, and many other pick-and-place applications where orientation is important.


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With the OnRobot Eyes you can now easily sort, pick and place unstructured applications with high reliability using any robot arm. Eyes can be mounted on the robot wrist or externally, with position adjustments to adapt to your application, and integrates seamlessly with the robot interface and gripper through the OnRobot Quick Changer. Deployment is fast, so there is minimal downtime for changeovers to new products or processes. One-picture calibration and part recognition takes just minutes, and programming is intuitive and fast. And with Eyes’ advanced, affordable 2.5D vision, you get depth perception and the ability to stack parts, without adding complexity.



Easy One System setup for any leading robot brand with software that is easy to install and program, so even employees with no technical background can set it up.


The Eyes can be mounted on the robot arm or externally. There are multiple reconfigurations available – around the robot flange and  tilt orientation.


Simply take a  picture of the work surface to calibrate camera view, and a picture for each workpiece the system should detect.


Depth perception used for application such as stacking  or handling items of various heights

  • Quickly and easily add vision to robotic applications with one-picture calibration, fast programming and seamless gripper integration
  • Affordable, efficient 2.5D vision offers depth perception for varying heights or stacked objects
  • Flexible, adaptable vision system with on-robot or external mounting is ideal for almost any collaborative application
  • Easily sort, pick and place unstructured applications with high reliability using any robot arm
  • One-shot detection for multiple objects minimizes cycle time
  • Inspect objects using color and contour detection—with or without a robot, and ensure consistent quality
  • Automatic landmark enables dynamic working environments and mobile robot setups

Learning Topics

  • Manufacturing
  • Robotics

Grade/Skill Level

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College
  • University

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The One Stop Shop for Collaborative Robots

Plug-and-Play Grippers, Sensors, and Software for all of your robotic needs, OnRobot end-effectors are compatible with a majority of robot manufacturers and models - including Universal Robot, Fanuc, ABB, Omron, and More!

Whether it's a 2-Finger Parallel Gripper, Wide Stroke, 3-Finger Gripper, Vacuum Gripper, Palletizing Solution, Screwdriving, Sanding/Polishing, Force Torque, Vision System, Machine Tending, or Completely Custom, TOOLKIT x OnRobot have the solution for you.

Made for Industry, Perfect for the Classroom

Intuitive programming, easy-to-use software, unrivaled design, industrial durability, and endless resources make OnRobot the perfect partner for both Industry's and Education's robot needs.

TOOLKIT and OnRobot's extensive library of simple, direct ‘How To’ videos and 3D simulations provide detailed information on collaborative applications, including machine tending, palletizing, pick & place, and sanding.

Harnessing Robotics and Digitalization

OnRobot offers best-in-class software packages that can monitor the performance of multiple collaborative robot applications simultaneously and in real-time, gathering equipment data from both robots and tools that transforms into easy-to-understand, visualized device and application-level intelligence.

For schools looking at incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies and concepts, this is a powerful tool for harnessing the power of data in manufacturing!



Learn OnRobot is a FREE online training platform that guides students, step-by-step, through the process of designing and deploying cobot applications featuring OnRobot tools such as grippers, vision cameras, processing kits, and sensors in setups with all major cobot and light industrial robot brands.


Swap grippers in-and-out with the press of a button in less than 5 seconds! What does this mean? For starters, versatility. Provide students with a variety of training opportunities by having them master robotics programming with various tooling.


Work with the global-leading collaborative robot tooling and accessories manufacturer, OnRobot, as they continue to pioneer Industry 4.o (and Industry 5.0) technologies and concepts, so your students are staying ahead of the curve.