Model #FP-MF102-H

MF102 Hydraulics Training System

TOOLKIT is proud to offer the flagship hydraulics training system from the Fluid Power Training Institute (MF102-H), which includes 40-hours of possible training in hydraulics.

From foundational hydraulics skills and safety to advanced hydraulic concepts, this system features unparalleled design, craftsmanship, ergonomics, and robustness perfect for any classroom or training program. Featuring all industrial components, this system is made and manufactured in the USA.

Single-Sided or Double-Sided

Pricing upon request

Form Factor

Flex-Plate Add-Ons:

Adding components to the MF-102 Hydraulics Training System is as easy as plugging in a toaster. Choose your component and base plate and “plug it in” whenever it’s needed. The base-station is conveniently equipped with a 24VDC power receptacle and an on/off switch.

Product Documents

Single Sided Basic through Advanced Hydraulics Trainer


The FPTI MF102-H is the best hydraulics training system for teaching foundational skills surrounding hydraulics, fluid power, fluid power safety, and more.

No longer will students be confused or intimidated with Pascal’s Law, inertia, power, resistance, pressure differential, series, parallel, and more – step-by-step and skill-by-skill we’re going to train students to master these technologies, concepts, skills and theories. With TOOLKIT and FPTI learning basic to advanced hydraulic concepts through hands-on training is easy and fun!

Educational Advantages
• Allows students to:
○ Operate the hydraulic system through complete “load-cycles”
○ Replicate a fully functional industrial or mobile hydraulic system, which is capable of operating with or without load
○ Operate in fixed displacement, pressure-compensated, and pressure/flow pump environments

○ Hydraulic components
○ Diagnostic instruments
○ Fixed displacement pump
○ Pressure-compensated pump
○ Load pump
○ Optional load-sensing and plug-n-play modules

Components Included:

See the datasheet for detailed list of all components, pumps, motors, hydraulic reservoirs, valves, gauges, hoses, etc.


Learning Topics

  • Ag Mechanics
  • Automotive Technology

Grade/Skill Level

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College
  • University

Additional information



Automotive I Diesel I Hands-On Training I Replicate a Fully Functional Industrial or Mobile Hydraulic System Training I Hydraulic components I Diagnostic Instruments I Fixed Displacement Pump I Pressure-Compensated Pump I Load pump I Optional load-sensing and I Plug-n-Play Modules


World Renowned
Training Experts

The Fluid Power Training Institute (FPTI) team, spearheaded by world-renowned expert Rory McLaren, bring their decades of experience as the go-to experts in industry for all things hydraulics, pneumatics, and more into the classroom with these incredible training systems.

These rugged, robust, practical, and skills-driven hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical training systems are proudly built in the United States and are trusted by industry partners and educators across the globe.

We Can Help

We invite all educators looking at investing in hydraulic training systems to attend one of our workshops or give us a call to set up a Free Consultation.

At the very least, you'll learn proper safety procedures when it comes to hydraulics.

Our workshops are so effective, we guarantee for our industrial customers a 75% reduction in their hydraulic component replacement costs after attending or their money back.

Let us, leading experts in the field, help your school train the next generation!

Experience, Realized

"Over two decades ago I was teaching a class in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of my students, a teacher from a technical college in northern California, was so impressed with my training “system” that he asked if I would make a duplicate of it for him. I did, and the rest is history! Today, you will find my hydraulic training systems in the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Asia, South America, and Saudi Arabia ... It is also the number one choice for Corporate Technical Training Centers.

FPTI™ is the fastest growing fluid power training systems provider in the world - ask any teacher who uses our system, or any student who has attended our workshops. There's nothing else like it."

- Rory McLaren, Founder FPTI


When industry professionals come into a 4-day required workshop thinking they already know everything, and within 5 minutes are scribbling notes and taking photos, it makes us proud.

Hydraulics is our life. And we take great pride in sharing our knowledge, our wisdom, and our livelihoods with young minds to give them a better future.

Please ask us questions, reach out, pick our brains - we live to share our stories and wisdom surrounding fluid power with educators, students, and industry professionals.



FPTI training solutions are complete with all learning materials for successful implementation in the classroom and/or lab. Best-in-class manuals, curriculum, and web-based learning.

Ask for a free consultation or reach out to learn more!


Whether it's ASE Certifications, SMC Industry 4.0 Microcredential Pathway, ISA Certification, or others, our systems are SKILLS-Focused. Meaning no matter the industry, circumstance, problem being faced, or color of the moon, your student will be prepared for their future career.

Industry-validated and supported training systems.


The best training from the best in industry.

Our team of experts is here for you. From additional training on concepts, to training on our systems, to helping design your curriculum, we're here for you. We've traveled the globe teaching hydraulics, now let us train your students.

Our systems are also built like no other. Made to last, and with teaching and safety in mind.

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