A&P Aviation Maintenance Training System - Turboshaft

Turboshaft Engine Trainer

Pratt + Whitney Turbo Prop Cutaway copy

Pratt + Whitney Turbo Prop Cutaway copy

Model #TK-RTSE-100A

Aircraft Runnable Turboshaft Training System

A&P and Aviation Maintenance Training Students can learn basic components and systems on our gas turbine engine with  hands-on Runnable Turboshaft Engine training system.

Students can operate a gas turbine engine with the training set after learning on operational procedures. Training set includes all the systems that is on a gas turbine engine.


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  • Understanding fundamentals of aircraft Runnable Turboshaft Training System and its components.
  • Engine;
  • 100% throttle, min 5500 RPM
  • 24-30 volt DC Starter motor included
  • Oil tank on the engine included • Oil cooler included
  • Oil Pressure and Scavenge pumps included.
  • Ignition system included
  • 820-1230 BHP
  • 4 Stage Axial LP Compressor
  • Centrifugal Impeller HP Compressor
  • Bleed Valve
  • Nh turbine RPM is min 42400
  • NI turbine RPM is min 35,000
  • NPT turbine RPM is min 27,000
  • Overall Pressure Ratio is 12:1
  • at least 5 chip-dedectors point – removed easily by hand
  • Fuel Tank included
  • Movable kiosk for the operating panel
  • The system mounted on a metal/aluminum mobile stand.
  • Metal/aluminum frame with 4 wheels. 2 of 4 wheels are lockable.
  • Training video for teachers
  • Delivered fully assembled tested and ready to operate

Learning Topics

  • Aviation
  • Aviation Maintenance Training

Grade/Skill Level

Designed for:

  • High School
  • Industry
  • K-8
  • Technical College
  • University

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