Skilled Trades

For the purposes of this website, we will organize and define “Skilled Trades” as the career and technical education clusters that pertain to Construction – both residential and commercial.

Opportunities and careers in the Skilled Trades, specifically in construction, have continued to skyrocket over the past several decades due to increased population growth, infrastructure growth, urban densification, and more. However, Skilled Trades have also been one plagued by a steady decline in qualified labor.

Toolkit is proud to have developed a series of training systems – both physical hands-on solutions as well as digital simulators and VR-ready training solutions – to prepare students with the needed skills of industry.

Our areas of focus and specialty include Construction, Carpentry, Plumbing, Solar, and HVAC.


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  • SkillMill Interactive eLearning

    TOOLKIT is proud to be the exclusive EDU Partner for SkillMill Digital Trades Learning with AR/VR and Simulation Training Environments.

    Train students on HVAC, Electrical, Commercial HVAC, Plumbing, Solar, and Construction on one, all encompassing platform! Video-based, instructor-led, student-paced eLearning for the Skilled Trades. Micro-course content mixed with interactive simulations and real-world practice environments provide students with life-like training and job-ready skills.

    Use SkillMill as a stand-alone resource, or combine with TOOLKIT Hands-On Training Systems for faster, better, and more realistic training.