Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement training programs continue to be some of the most popular training programs at high school and technical college campuses throughout the country.

In today’s current political and social climate, the need and demand for increased real-world training has never been clearer. Communities and law enforcement agencies are under increased pressure to provide life-like, real-world, skills-driven training in environments that replicate the pressures and job responsibilities of the job.

Toolkit is proud to bring CTE programs training solutions that provide real-world training to future law enforcement professionals through skills-driven technologies and cutting-edge simulators.


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  • Mobile Training Center

    Toolkit is proud to offer schools and training facilities a completely customizable and mobile solution for workforce training, STEM education, CTE skills development!

    For schools looking to bring their training and expertise into the community, or share resources between schools, or with physical space limitations that require larger bond and/or construction money, Toolkit’s Mobile Workforce Training Centers are a perfect and eye-catching solution!

    Customizable trailer sizes and physical features allows these mobile training buses and training centers to focus on multiple CTE pathways and courses.

  • Use of Force Simulator

    Toolkit is proud to bring education an industry-grade Use of Force Simulator for use in Law Enforcement classrooms, including Police, ROTC, and Border Patrol, Military, etc.

    First and foremost, the system is safe. Designed for both novices learning proper procedures and actions, as well as seasoned law enforcement professionals refining and growing their skills, the Use of Force Simulator is the perfect tool for law enforcement and weapons training classrooms.

    With over 750+ different scenarios to choose from, students are exposed to countless real-world situations that will test their composure, procedural training, and ability to make good decisions, while in a safe and constructive classroom environment. All law enforcement programs need access to a training simulator like this.

  • Unitree Go1 Ai Pro Robot

    The most exciting robot to walk into a classroom. Period. The end.

    Toolkit’s quadruped robots are taking education and industry by storm with never-before-seen applications in areas such as Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Law Enforcement, Quality Control, and More!

    Featuring the Unitree Quadruped Go1 Ai Pro Robot “Dog” along with a robust curriculum for programming, CTE, computer science and more, our Go1 Ai Pro robot is the perfect solution for your training program.

    The GO1 weighs about 26 pounds, including its battery, and has a battery life of up to two hours. It can also carry up to 11 pounds, with potential as a delivery robot, surveillance, quality control, and more! With a complete curriculum, the GO1 quadruped is perfect for various high school, college, and university programs.