A4 - Suspension & Steering


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  • SRS Restraints & Air Bag Diagnostic Trainer

    The EM-300-07 SRS Restraints & Air Bag Diagnostic Trainer is designed to help instructors teach supplemental restraint systems and their interaction with the sensors and diagnostics. This information is shared on a CAN Bus network. This trainer may be used by instructors for ensuring student understanding of the basic system fundamentals and functionality. While the solid-propellant inflators are already detonated, the circuits function as normal in a fully live system providing the learner with real world hands on experience. An important feature is that EVERY SINGLE CONNECTOR has its own test points and a connector disconnect/connect switch that helps to enable the available 26 systems faults for real diagnosis without potential damaging of OEM connectors with repeated disconnect/connect cycles.

  • Suspension and Steering Trainer

    The ConsuLab EM-130 Suspension and Steering trainer is designed to assist instructors in teaching basic alignment geometry and the function of a MacPherson strut suspension system with rack & pinion steering. The trainer is extremely versatile in that students can easily visualize all component operation as well as practice adjusting the various alignment angles. The trainer is equipped with two movable turntables and a magnetic alignment measuring gauge to assist students in observing actual measurement and changes in alignment angles. Students can also visualize and learn common braking system components.

  • Electric Power Steering Trainer

    The ConsuLab EM-200-18 Electric assist power steering trainer is a functional column-mounted electric assist unit for use in a classroom environment. Once connected to a 12V battery and using the supplied handles, you and your students can vary the input torque with one hand and experience the output torque with the other hand all while viewing the scan tool data live through the provided OBD2 DLC and built-in ammeter.