Additive Manufacturing

Fueled by innovations in material and manufacturing technologies, Additive Manufacturing is experiencing rapid growth globally. All sectors and industries stand to benefit from the advantage of 3D printing – whether it be from rapid prototyping to product refinement, or creating complex parts previously unimaginable or impossible from traditional manufacturing processes, 3D printing is an exciting field destined for continued growth.

TOOLKIT is proud to be your source for tabletop polymer, FDM, resin, metal, and even large-format concrete 3D printers for construction.


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  • ABB Collaborative Robot 3D Printing

    Have you ever wanted to print BIGGER with your classroom 3D printer? Or have you wanted to explore the capabilities of your industrial and collaborative robots?

    We are proud to introduce the MDAC1 3D Printing System for Education, the first of its kind classroom robotic 3D printer!

    The Collaborative Robot 3D Printing system features a GoFa CRB 15000 cobot and pioneering FDM 3D printing technology from Massive Dimension for unparalleled capabilities and excitement.

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  • B9 Core 3D Printers

    The Fastest DLP (Digital Light Processing) Printer with unparalleled precision, the B9 Core Series offers unbeatable ease-of-use, precision, and repeatable performance to help you move seamlessly from prototyping to production runs of thousands of parts.

    Engineered to bring you unmatched precision & surface finish.

    A professional 3D printing solution, the B9 Core Series 3D printers are designed to suit a multitude of applications including jewelry, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, industrial design and engineering, research, and more – serving brands from 3M to Procter & Gamble and General Electric.

    Requiring no calibrations, the B9 Core Series 3D printers print at exceptional speeds without sacrificing print resolution or surface quality.

    Maintenance-free, reliable, and equipped with a range of design, engineering-grade, and casting materials, you can move from prototyping to production runs of thousands of parts with ease.

    And the push-button operation doesn’t stop at the printer. The B9 Core Series workflow includes automated, no-mess cleaning with the B9Clean and curing in minutes with the B9 Model Cure.

    To guarantee your new 3D printer begins generating a return on investment immediately, we include factory startup assistance with every B9 Core Series sold and access to a network of industry partners with expertise ranging from CAD design to casting to deploying additive manufacturing solutions at scale.


  • Robotic Concrete 3D Printing

    3D print a house! Or a table, bench, or chair! Or perhaps a walking bridge or staircase! Introducing large-scale concrete 3d printing from TOOLKIT!

    Toolkit is proud to be the exclusive education provider of large-scale Concrete 3D Printing for Training and Research. In partnership with the industrial leader and pioneer in the field, Vertico, we are thrilled to bring high schools, career centers, technical colleges and universities one of the most exciting new technologies for construction, automation and robotics.

    Our system utilizes a high-precision industrial robot from ABB, equipped with state-of-the-art Concrete 3D Printing Technology, intuitive Control & Supervision Software, and Train-the-Trainer professional development.

    We offer several models, including single and bicomponent printheads, small-scale lab printers and full-sized industrial systems capable of printing a house!