A1 - Engine Repair


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  • Cutaway Starting System Trainer

    The ConsuLab EM-200-19 Starting System Trainer allows for the demonstration of a complete starting system using real-world components. Key areas of the starter have been cutaway to allow visual observation of major components while still being functional.

  • Engine Training Stand with Starting Station and 1.8L GM Chevy

    The ConsuLab EM-145S-GM05 Engine Trainer with GM Chevy Sonic Ecotec engine on a swivel stand is designed for student instruction and practice covering engine mechanical inspection, disassembly, measurement and reassembly.

    The working engine training system is securely mounted to a heavy duty rotating device equipped with an automatic lock to allow full 360 degree rotation. A steel mounting plate is used for engine mounting that allows full access for rear main seal and flywheel service. Each engine comes equipped with a transmission flywheel (manual or automatic).

    The engine starting station contains all components and systems necessary for the starting and running of the Ecotec engine. All necessary engine systems connections are provided to allow live operation of each swivel engine stand.

  • Engine Mechanical Diagnostics Trainer

    The ConsuLab EM-141S-TY01 Automotive Training Aid is a working engine trainer for teaching engine mechanical diagnosis on a Toyota Corolla platform. The EM-141S-TY01 Mechanical Diagnosis Engine trainer was designed for the purposes of teaching students mechanical engine component failure diagnosis, and is a real time-saver allowing instructors to instantly provide a “turn-key” engine mechanical fault diagnosis package.

    Have you ever wanted a running engine with repeatable mechanical faults that all of your students could diagnose? Would you like an engine system that has internal mechanical faults not requiring you to reinsert and repair them after each student use? Our EM-141S-TY01 does exactly that, and makes teaching automotive technicians easier.

    The working engine bench is made to order and comes with complete curriculum and student activity manuals.

  • Cutaway Variable Geometry Turbocharger

    Explore the Cutaway of a variable geometry turbocharger based on a Toyota platform.